Six Months In…

I’ve been running for a little over six months now. Let’s take a look at the beginning… I decided that I needed to get in shape. I’d been doing a lot of walking, but not running, so I wanted to step up my game. Partially for myself, and partially because I am now a mom. There is a paved trail near my home, so thought it would work out really well. Get up early before the little one wakes up, get in some exercise, then go on with my day.

My first attempt at actual running was a 30-second stint before I had to start walking again. So, I caught my breath and did another 30-second stint. Let’s just say that there was not much running in the beginning… I was disappointed in my performance, but decided to keep at it. I was going about a mile and a half.

Slowly, I got better and better. I was stoked the first time I was able to run an entire mile without having to walk. BABY STEPS, am I right?!?! But, really, for anyone out there feeling demotivated, it really does take time, so stick with it.

Now, I run (and I mean run, no walking) 2-3 miles in the mornings (four days a week) and my cardiovascular health is so much better, I am sometimes giddy about it. I don’t run fast, I don’t run to compete, but I am definitely healthier and happier.

I’ve found that running four days a week keeps my stress level down and has helped me shed some unwanted pounds. For me, mornings are the only option because of my work and family schedule. I am considering getting a treadmill so I can get in some late-night exercise to supplement the days I can’t get out in the morning… I’m not comfortable running outside at 10pm. One of these days, I really am going to get that treadmill… Just. Need. More. Space!

I have read so many articles lately saying that you need a partner or group to help keep motivated, but I don’t agree. I am a solo runner and plan to keep it that way. My schedule shifts and it isn’t easy for me to meet up with people to go on runs. I am still motivated! I am still pushing! I hope to do a half marathon late this year, too. You can do it whether you are on your own or with friends. Just keep it up. It gets better and it gets easier, then you know you can start pushing yourself more. For me, my weekend runs are longer and more intense because I don’t have to rush off to work after. One of these days, I keep saying I’m going to sleep in, but I can’t convince myself to do it yet. Exercise can indeed become necessary and addictive. Go, go, go!

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