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You don’t have to be in great shape…

To talk about exercise, staying healthy, struggles with food, and the like. That’s why I decided to blog about trying to be a little healthy. While I’ve made a few posts, I thought it might be helpful to tell the world a little bit more about myself.

I have mitral valve prolapse (MVP) and have been concerned for quite some time about heart health. MVP is when the valve between your heart’s upper left chamber and the lower left chamber doesn’t close properly. This sometimes results in an irregular heartbeat and not feeling so good. More information can be found here.

I started walking, but didn’t feel like that was addressing my cardiovascular health as much as I would have preferred. So, I started running (mostly walking fast at first, though!!) and trying to eat more healthy foods.

Hopefully, my path of half-heartedly (no pun intended) getting in shape will encourage others. I really believe that any exercise is good exercise. You have to start somewhere, right? Some topics I’d like to explore are:

  • Running alone vs. with others
  • Running – a love/hate thing
  • Exercising at the gym (so many things to discuss there)
  • Food and food struggles
  • What does healthy really mean?

I hope a few will join me in my journey and discuss all of these things with me.


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