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This Cat Looks Shifty

I used to have a pretty good supply of ponytail holders… They seem to disappear frequently, though. Now I fully admit that I lose a few here and there, but I think the main reason they go missing is my cat. My husband once found a stash of them once – he found around 7 in the same place. At least they weren’t alone and scared. Since I only had a few left (less than five), I picked up a a new pack at the store. Someone looked awfully happy about that. As soon as I put them on the table, this happened:

Checking Out My Ponytail Holders

Please note the multi-color pack. 🙂 Very exciting since I’ve been using only black for about a year. Maybe the lighter colored ones will be easier to find when the ponytail holder thief comes to town! After my big, exciting purchase, I went for a run the next day and came home to this:

Kitty In The Window

I’m not sure if he’s devotedly waiting for my return or if he’s the lookout and he and the dog are up to no good! The latter seems more likely. Ah well, I hope my new ponytail holders stick around for a while. Especially now that my half marathon training had longer and longer runs on the calendar… Cute face to come home to, thief or not!

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