Back On Track (Pun Intended?)

So, I took Friday off… No exercise, just rest. I was feeling very tired and fatigued after my latest runs. I’m training for a half marathon and am five weeks away from the big day… And, I really want to do well. Doing well for me means running the entire 13.1 miles, slow or not. The last time I did a half marathon was bad – My right calf cramped up horribly and I hobbled most of the way. Volunteer staff had to help me roll out the cramp in my calf and give me a salt packet so I could finish. That is some primo motivation to train better!

Over the weekend, my training program called for a 4-mile run and a 9-mile run. I was worried, very worried, about the 9-mile run on Sunday. Looks like my proper day of rest paid off! Both runs went well and Sunday’s run was lovely. I went for a change of scenery (different trail)… As I was parking, I saw a doe and her babies. So cute! Then, the run was just peaceful – less people than normal and pretty decent weather. I also got to see three additional groups of deer – all serenely looking on at us people running and biking and whatnot. There were even a couple of young bucks butting heads. 🙂

I feel like I’m back on track – I’m taking my rest days seriously. Especially now that my Sunday runs are ramping up. I’m beginning to think I’ll hit my goal for the half. I don’t want to get too cocky yet though. I did manage to snap a couple of pictures yesterday. In the first picture is one of the baby deer crossing the road as I parked the car. In the second picture, there are three babies – nicely camouflaged! Behold the cuteness!

Deer Crossing The Road - Sunday Run
Deer Crossing The Road – Sunday Run








Deer Along The Trail - Cute Babies
Deer Along The Trail – Camouflaged Babies







For some additional laughs: When I got home, my 2.5-yr-old son looked at me and told me I was wet. I said, “Yes, I’m all sweaty because I went running.” He then promptly said, “Eeewww! You need a bath!” He was right, but still… 🙂


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