WWWP5k – Mission Accomplished

This week, I participated in the Worldwide WordPress (WWWP) 5k – a virtual race. I should have posted yesterday when I actually did my run, but better late than never.

WordPress challenged bloggers to run or walk a 5k this week and share their experiences via a blog post. So, here goes mine…

I live in the SF Bay Area and thought to myself, “I should do a run by the bay. That will be pretty.” And, the bay is pretty. But, I run early and right now, you can’t see much at all at 6:30am. So, the bottom line here is that my intentions were great, but execution was not so thought out.

I found a nice little park in Foster City, CA, to start my run. I ran under the San Mateo bridge and in the general direction of San Francisco, along the bay, for approximately 1.55 miles, then ran back to my starting point. Check it out:

WWWP5k Results
          WWWP5k Results

And, .03 to grow on! Or, something. I used Runtastic, which was slightly different/off from my Apple Watch. But, both showed that I hit my mark. Yay!

As I neared the end of my 5k, the sun was finally starting to rise, so I was able to capture a few grainy images. With it being so dark in the mornings, I wore my neon yellow hat and a headlight. And, I wore a reflective arm band with blinking red lights. Better safe than sorry… And, I got run off of a trail earlier this week in the wee hours of the morning by a bicyclist who wasn’t paying attention and went to pass the walkers in front of him, didn’t see me, and nearly hit me as I ran off the trail to keep from being pummeled. Reflective gear/night gear is really, really important right now – if you go out in the dark and don’t have any of this gear… Stop. Go to an REI or equivalent, and get some gear. Don’t get hurt out there.

Here I am in all my sweaty glory with my “night” gear:

Me and my night gear... with the sun finally coming up
Me and my night gear… with the sun finally coming up

Here is evidence of my bad timing with respect to getting a good photo of the bay… It’s lovely, I swear!

Bay Area sunrise
Bay Area sunrise


This was a lot of fun and am enjoying checking out other WWWP5k posts. Look for the “wwwp5k” tag and see what bloggers have been up to and where. 🙂


Join Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5k 2015

This sounds fun! Hope to see lots of 5k posts next week! 🙂

The WordPress.com Blog

The 2015 edition of the Automattic Worldwide WP 5k (#WWWP5k) is around the corner!

Automatticians already hit the trail at our company meetup last week. It was early — the sun was barely peeking behind the mountains in Park City, Utah — but the air was crisp and the morning was perfect for running a 5k. (Staying fit is an important part of our company culture.)

Automatticians running the WWWP5k in Park City, Utah Automatticians laced up and ready to go! Photo by Dean Royal.

Now it’s your turn! The Worldwide WordPress 5k will take place next week from Monday, October 26th to Sunday, November 1st.

Lace up your running/walking/hiking/hopping shoes and join us for the 5k blogged about around the world! Read on to find out how to participate.

What is a 5k?

A 5k run/walk is approximately 3.1 miles long. You can run, walk, or skip; it’s totally up to you. There’s…

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I’m Going to Beat the Blerch in November

This is a blerch
It’s a blerch! (credit Matthew Inman/The Oatmeal)

If you are familiar with The Oatmeal, you’ve probably heard of the blerch. Matthew Inman, creator of the comic, describes the blerch as a “fat little cherub” who follows him when he runs. It’s an interesting mindset – instead of worrying about hitting the proverbial wall as he’s out running, he imagines this blerch following him and he needs to outrun him.

Inman now has a race series called Beat the Blerch! Lucky for me, there is one in Sacramento, CA, next month… Not too terribly far from me. While there are options (full marathon, half marathon, 10k, and 5k), I’ve decided to go with the 10k, which may be one of my favorite distances. I’m not sure why, but 6ish miles feels really good to me. And, I just did a half marathon, so I’m feeling OK about dialing it down a bit. This is also a great excuse to visit Sacramento, a place I’ve been a little curious about. Why? Intangible comments like, “Old Town Sacramento is really nice.”

I’m really excited about this event because…

  1. There will be cupcakes
  2. Matthew Inman will be there
  3. There will be actual blerchs (people in fat suits) chasing people!!!!

Those are awesome things! I mean, there are other good reasons to participate, but I definitely hit the three coolest ones right here.

Doing some light exercising this week, and next week I’ll make sure I maintain my stamina to beat the blerch for real. Woot!

If you are interested, Matthew Inman describes his thoughts on running here!


An Inspirational Weekend

I just had a wonderfully inspirational weekend… While I expected Sunday to be rewarding, I didn’t know how empowering Saturday would be. I was in San Francisco this past weekend for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. I participated in the Nike Shakeout Run on Saturday – a two-mile run through downtown San Francisco – and the half on Sunday.

The shakeout run on Saturday was organized by the Nike Run Club.

Nike Shakeout Run - Oct 17
Nike Shakeout Run – Oct 17

Before the run, we chatted with pacers and coaches in our assigned corrals, then then they had a quick program before the actual run. The main speaker, Coach Bennett, said something that really resonated with me. He said, “You don’t need a finish line to be a runner, you just need a starting line.”

Coach Bennett @ Nike Shakeout Run - Oct 17
Coach Bennett @ Nike Shakeout Run – Oct 17

It was part of a message to all of us participating that we should be proud of where we are, proud of our training, and that we didn’t need to wait to cross the finish line on Sunday to call ourselves runners. I’ve been very hesitant to call myself a runner, even though I’ve been running for a little over a year now. This made me feel like maybe now I can use that word… And, you can, too. Whether you run just a little here and there, or you are running in official events, you are a runner. I am a runner. We are runners!!

I am a slow runner, so my goal for Sunday’s half marathon was to finish at the 2:45 mark. Since there were 3 rather steep hills, I was hoping to not go beyond 3 hours. First hill – made it. Second hill – made it. Third hill – holy bleep, that is one steep hill! I got 1/3 of the way up before having to walk the remainder and catch my breath. Grrrr! After that, it was downhill and flat to the finish – yay! My official time was 2:46, so I was incredibly excited. After crossing the finish line, a woman came over and told me that she used me to pace herself. That made me feel really good – it’s hard to imagine someone thinking that you are doing well enough to want to follow your lead. 🙂

We are runners!

Here are a few photos from Sunday:

Waiting to start Sunday morning
Waiting to start Sunday morning
I think I see the starting line waaaayyyyyy up there
I think I see the starting line waaaayyyyyy up there
My bling already around my neck :)
My bling already around my neck 🙂
How did I lose my banana?
How did I lose my banana?

Less Than One Week

Yesterday, I stood in a long, long line to pick up my race packet for this Sunday’s half marathon. I’m incredibly nervous – 25,000 runners. Surely, with that many people, I won’t be last… I hope. I mean, someone has to do it… Ugh!

Nike Women's 1/2 Marathon Tank
Nike Women’s 1/2 Marathon Tank

Does this shirt make me look tough? I feel tough even though I know I am a slow runner.

I am feeling pretty good about my endurance and my tapering. What I am nervous about is day-of logistics. Yesterday, I got up at a rather ungodly hour to practice getting up and out of the house. That’s when I realized that there are a lot of things out of my control… My husband’s ability to get up and ready, the reaction of my 2 1/2 year old being dragged out of bed, and very, very unpredictable traffic into San Francisco. Even the off-hours can be bad, especially if there is an accident. And, there will be a ton of people coming in early for the race.

So… Yesterday morning, around 5am (I’m not kidding), I decided to book a hotel room for Saturday night. The good news is that I found a room not far from the starting point and it wasn’t more expensive than the last time I looked. That being said, it IS San Francisco – So I am paying a small fortune to keep my family’s sanity intact. A room close by means I can save an hour in the morning by not having to get up quite so early to drive in. And, it means that my husband and son can go back to the room if and when they need to. They can take their time getting up, they can get breakfast easily. It’s all good.

I am going to spend the week slowly gathering all of the things I’ll need for race day to make sure I don’t forget anything. Race bib – check. Shuttle passes – check. Race shirt – check… Um, what else do I need?!? Just kidding! I have a LONG list. I’m already feeling more relaxed about Sunday morning. I probably won’t sleep much the night before the race – I’m aiming for eight hours, but that probably won’t happen. I hope my adrenaline will keep me going when the time comes. It’s hard to believe the race is so close!

If you run, how do you handle races near where you live? Does it depend on distance and traffic? How do you handle your jitters?


Heirloom Tomatoes? Yes, Please!

I bought some heirloom tomatoes at a farmer’s market over the weekend. I love heirloom tomatoes! Each one is unique and non-perfect (just like me 🙂 ), and all of them taste fabulous. I’ve read that while they have a shorter shelf life, these tomatoes are more disease resistant than most commercial tomatoes.

Local Heirloom Tomatoes
Local Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirloom tomatoes are open-pollenated, which means they are non-hybrid, varieties. Many of these tomatoes have been “passed down” through a family or farm or family farm (!) for generations. Alas, we have lost many heirloom varieties as the industry trended toward hybrid tomatoes with longer shelf life. And, that is why I get exciting when they are in season.

Last night, I made the most amazing open-faced tomato sandwich – sorry, no photo… I ate it too quickly. Here’s what I like to do:

  1. Toast a slice of bread
  2. Spread some regular mayonnaise on the bread
  3. Place my tomatoes and sprinkle with a little sea salt

That’s it! Mmmmmm…

Any tomato recipes or suggestions? Let me know!