Less Than One Week

Yesterday, I stood in a long, long line to pick up my race packet for this Sunday’s half marathon. I’m incredibly nervous – 25,000 runners. Surely, with that many people, I won’t be last… I hope. I mean, someone has to do it… Ugh!

Nike Women's 1/2 Marathon Tank
Nike Women’s 1/2 Marathon Tank

Does this shirt make me look tough? I feel tough even though I know I am a slow runner.

I am feeling pretty good about my endurance and my tapering. What I am nervous about is day-of logistics. Yesterday, I got up at a rather ungodly hour to practice getting up and out of the house. That’s when I realized that there are a lot of things out of my control… My husband’s ability to get up and ready, the reaction of my 2 1/2 year old being dragged out of bed, and very, very unpredictable traffic into San Francisco. Even the off-hours can be bad, especially if there is an accident. And, there will be a ton of people coming in early for the race.

So… Yesterday morning, around 5am (I’m not kidding), I decided to book a hotel room for Saturday night. The good news is that I found a room not far from the starting point and it wasn’t more expensive than the last time I looked. That being said, it IS San Francisco – So I am paying a small fortune to keep my family’s sanity intact. A room close by means I can save an hour in the morning by not having to get up quite so early to drive in. And, it means that my husband and son can go back to the room if and when they need to. They can take their time getting up, they can get breakfast easily. It’s all good.

I am going to spend the week slowly gathering all of the things I’ll need for race day to make sure I don’t forget anything. Race bib – check. Shuttle passes – check. Race shirt – check… Um, what else do I need?!? Just kidding! I have a LONG list. I’m already feeling more relaxed about Sunday morning. I probably won’t sleep much the night before the race – I’m aiming for eight hours, but that probably won’t happen. I hope my adrenaline will keep me going when the time comes. It’s hard to believe the race is so close!

If you run, how do you handle races near where you live? Does it depend on distance and traffic? How do you handle your jitters?


4 thoughts on “Less Than One Week

  1. Love the tank!! Yes, hotel all the way!! I did RNR Seattle, we drove that morning, got up about 4, was parked by 5:45, and race started at 7:30. You’re making the right decision with the hotel!! Good luck with San Francisco!! Can’t wait to hear about it! (Did I mention I love the tank?!!!) 🙂

    1. Getting up at 4am is exactly what made me cringe on Sunday when I got up and made my husband get up to make sure he would be able to leave on time… He was less than thrilled with my insistence on the practice drill. Got my race-day clothes all figured out. Crossing my fingers and prepping for the SF hills!

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