I’m Going to Beat the Blerch in November

This is a blerch
It’s a blerch! (credit Matthew Inman/The Oatmeal)

If you are familiar with The Oatmeal, you’ve probably heard of the blerch. Matthew Inman, creator of the comic, describes the blerch as a “fat little cherub” who follows him when he runs. It’s an interesting mindset – instead of worrying about hitting the proverbial wall as he’s out running, he imagines this blerch following him and he needs to outrun him.

Inman now has a race series called Beat the Blerch! Lucky for me, there is one in Sacramento, CA, next month… Not too terribly far from me. While there are options (full marathon, half marathon, 10k, and 5k), I’ve decided to go with the 10k, which may be one of my favorite distances. I’m not sure why, but 6ish miles feels really good to me. And, I just did a half marathon, so I’m feeling OK about dialing it down a bit. This is also a great excuse to visit Sacramento, a place I’ve been a little curious about. Why? Intangible comments like, “Old Town Sacramento is really nice.”

I’m really excited about this event because…

  1. There will be cupcakes
  2. Matthew Inman will be there
  3. There will be actual blerchs (people in fat suits) chasing people!!!!

Those are awesome things! I mean, there are other good reasons to participate, but I definitely hit the three coolest ones right here.

Doing some light exercising this week, and next week I’ll make sure I maintain my stamina to beat the blerch for real. Woot!

If you are interested, Matthew Inman describes his thoughts on running here!


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