WWWP5k – Mission Accomplished

This week, I participated in the Worldwide WordPress (WWWP) 5k – a virtual race. I should have posted yesterday when I actually did my run, but better late than never.

WordPress challenged bloggers to run or walk a 5k this week and share their experiences via a blog post. So, here goes mine…

I live in the SF Bay Area and thought to myself, “I should do a run by the bay. That will be pretty.” And, the bay is pretty. But, I run early and right now, you can’t see much at all at 6:30am. So, the bottom line here is that my intentions were great, but execution was not so thought out.

I found a nice little park in Foster City, CA, to start my run. I ran under the San Mateo bridge and in the general direction of San Francisco, along the bay, for approximately 1.55 miles, then ran back to my starting point. Check it out:

WWWP5k Results
          WWWP5k Results

And, .03 to grow on! Or, something. I used Runtastic, which was slightly different/off from my Apple Watch. But, both showed that I hit my mark. Yay!

As I neared the end of my 5k, the sun was finally starting to rise, so I was able to capture a few grainy images. With it being so dark in the mornings, I wore my neon yellow hat and a headlight. And, I wore a reflective arm band with blinking red lights. Better safe than sorry… And, I got run off of a trail earlier this week in the wee hours of the morning by a bicyclist who wasn’t paying attention and went to pass the walkers in front of him, didn’t see me, and nearly hit me as I ran off the trail to keep from being pummeled. Reflective gear/night gear is really, really important right now – if you go out in the dark and don’t have any of this gear… Stop. Go to an REI or equivalent, and get some gear. Don’t get hurt out there.

Here I am in all my sweaty glory with my “night” gear:

Me and my night gear... with the sun finally coming up
Me and my night gear… with the sun finally coming up

Here is evidence of my bad timing with respect to getting a good photo of the bay… It’s lovely, I swear!

Bay Area sunrise
Bay Area sunrise


This was a lot of fun and am enjoying checking out other WWWP5k posts. Look for the “wwwp5k” tag and see what bloggers have been up to and where. 🙂


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