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Wind + Rain = New Gear Evaluation

About a month ago, we had a super-duper windy day and I was like, “Wow, I am glad I am not out running in that.” On top of that, we are FINALLY in for some rain this season (thank you, El Nino). I really wanted something that was both windproof and waterproof so I won’t be banished to the treadmill at the gym too often.

That lead me to the Brooks Seattle Shell. I got to wear the jacket in the cold and wind a few times and everything went well. It gets hot in there so I have figured out the right number of layers now for 35F/1.7C and 45F/7.2C. At 55F/12.8C, the jacket is almost too warm, but it cuts the wind really well.

But, up until this weekend, I’ve missed out on rain testing the jacket. I’ve now had two rainy runs (Friday and today) and I feel pretty good about the jacket. On Friday, the rain wasn’t too heavy so I didn’t really need the hood. Today was different. Pretty strong, heavy rain on the second half of my run… So, I now have a pretty solid opinion on this jacket and here it is:

  1. Good on being windproof
  2. Definitely waterproof
  3. Both 1 and 2 are good at keeping me comfortable
  4. The hood is meh. It looks snug in the images on the Books website, but it’s not. In the wind, it comes off easy and there are no options to cinch it. It’s good secondary help, but I’d say wear a running hat. With a brim. Today, I wore a hat with no brim and the water just hit my face and made me want to hunker down, which messed up my posture a bit. Took a conscious effort to stop doing that

So, I’d say that this jacket is probably worth the $260 price tag, but I did expect a little more out of the hood. I mean, if you are going to tout it as being the jacket to get you out into the element when no one else can… But, hey, I felt pretty darn good after running in the rain this weekend. 🙂


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