Happy Holidays

Happy Doggie!
Happy Doggie with His Present!

Today (Friday) is usually not a running day for me, but my schedule got flipped around. Overnight on Wednesday, my toddler had a major nose bleed. So, instead of taking him to camp to let him play until 1pm, we took him to the doctor. The doctor pretty much told us that some kids just get nose bleeds and there isn’t anything to worry about… Yeah, says the doctor who didn’t see my son’s nose look like someone just turned on the tap. Anyway, that is the reason I didn’t run yesterday on my normal day.

I almost didn’t run this morning because my sweet boy woke up at 4:30 and we couldn’t get him back to sleep – Maybe Christmas morning excitement, I don’t know for sure. I do know that it was a little painful. I found myself getting grumpy around 8am and told my hubby that if he wanted me to be in a good mood on Christmas, I needed to run. So, I got in yesterday’s scheduled four-miler. It definitely helped. I then ruined all that work with an eggnog latte, but whatevs. It was delicious. 🙂 Homemade, too… I didn’t go to a coffee shop.

After the latte and monkey bread, made by Auntie Cindi, and then scrambled eggs, I feel like I need another four miles to work off all the food. We haven’t even gotten close to dinner yet. Rack of lamb, turkey breast, too many side dishes, and then Uncle Bob’s homemade pumpkin pie for dessert.

My son got a full set of Octonauts characters for Christmas and is currently napping with every single one of them. I’m pretty sure he had a good day. And, tonight, he gets to see his friend Audrey! Even though she’s 4 (a full 1.5 years older), they play really well together. Here’s to a late wakeup call on Saturday morning!

Oh, and I got a new pair of Brooks running shoes! Hubba hubba!

Happy holidays everyone! I hope you are enjoying time with friends and family. And, I hope 2016 is one hell of a good year!


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