Squee! New Shoes!


This morning, I got my holiday-lazy self up and took my new shoes out for their maiden voyage. A seven-mile run that was supposed to be a nine-mile run, but let’s skip past that part for now. I just replaced my Brooks Adrenalines with Brooks Adrenalines… Yes, yes, I know they are the same shoe… The shoes that I’ve had since October 2014 have done amazingly well and they’ve provided really good support for me. When I went to the running store to get new shoes, they recommended that I stick with tried and true, so I did. I also tried on Saucony and Asics, but neither fit quite right.

As I sit here comparing my new shoes to my current (dare I call them my “old?”) shoes, I think I’ll go with silver (new) and blue (current). Sounds better to me. I still plan on using my blue shoes, but maybe only for shorter runs. Now that I am running a lot more, I understand that you can’t wear the same shoe year after year. There is wear and tear – who knew?!

While I’d love to go with shoes of a more streamlined design, I recognize that my feet need a fair amount of support and cushioning, so I’ve given up on trendy good looks. I felt like the silver shoes offered support with a good amount of cushioning. There is what Brooks calls a progressive diagonal roll bar that guides the foot and body back into its natural motion pattern. The upper toe area “folds deeper inward to absorb and disperse impact outward.” The midsole drop is 12mm. My blue shoes have lost some upper support and they cave a little where they never used to. It was really nice to be in new shoes that felt good all around. The biggest complaint I’ve read about these shoes is that they are “ugly,” but I don’t think they look bad.

So, back to me losing two miles… I have been sick for a week or so and I think it really caught up to me yesterday. I was planning to go on a four-mile run, but skipped it in lieu of sleep. This morning, I was planning that nine-miler to ramp up for my 15k on January 10, but dialed it down a little since I’ve been feeling so badly and it was 32F/0C. Brrrrrrr! While I feel like I am still mostly on track, definitely a small set back in my training regimen. I think it will be OK in the end, though. Onward and upward! Run happy! 😉


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