Journaling & Running

Running Journal
Running Journal

Ok, so I am maybe (definitely) not the best at keeping a journal or log… But, for some reason, I thought I’d give this a try. I run 5 days a week and while I can see that on my calendar, I kind of want the ability to look back at my training in a different way. My husband asked me why I didn’t get an app for that! I don’t really know other than it feels like this is more tangible. I think I’ll actually look at this. When I put something into a digital format, I tend to forget it unless I’m looking for a trending pattern of some kind.

Got the journal today – on a running day! First entry is complete. I hope I stick with it because I do want to evaluate my fitness level and all that jazz at different times.

Anyone else keeping a running journal? If so, how do you feel about it? Is it useful? What do you like or dislike?


3 thoughts on “Journaling & Running

  1. Over the weekend, I got myself one and my hubby one as we want to start streaking, and I agree with you… writing it down is more tangible than an app, kind of like keeping an old-fashioned diary! Good luck on yours!! I won’t start mine until January 1 as that’s when the running streaking begins (ugh, I don’t do resolutions but that’s kind of what it sounds like, hehe).

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