Race Mind Games

I am running a 15k tomorrow. It’s the Hot Chocolate run in San Francisco and it helps out the Ronald McDonald House, which is an amazing organization helping provide a place to stay for families who need to be close to their children while they undergo critical medical care.

I was sick over the holidays but I made my training runs – I had to cute my 9-mile run down to a 7-mile run, but that’s ok. I guess. And, this is where the mind games start…

Finally mostly over my illness. To play it safe, I did two runs this week on the treadmill at the gym. Yay for me! Then, on Friday, I ran 3 miles on my regular training path. Only 3 miles and it felt really hard. Then, I kept thinking, what if the treadmill made me soft?!? It’s such a cushy run compared to pavement or sidewalk. OMG, could I have sabotaged my training? No, that’s crazy. I just needed to get back out into the element and the pavement… The positive is that I actually ran faster than I normally do, so maybe that’s why the run felt a little more difficult. I hope. That’s got to be it, though. Right? Gulp!

Then, this morning, I ran my “shakeout” run – 2 miles. For some reason, it still felt challenging. Maybe because it was drizzling, which I fully expect tomorrow as well. The rest of the day has been worrying about logistics and wondering if I’m even remotely ready for this run. Finally, got someone to give me important shuttle information… so I can plan out tomorrow morning.

Now, I’m totally annoyed that I have to go to the expo even though I had my packet mailed to me. The Hot Chocolate run doesn’t give shirts, they give zip-up sweatshirts… I ordered a women’s medium and it is huge. I am NO FAN of vanity sizing! I’ve been a medium for a long time, but you’d think I ordered an XXL or something. I’m hoping they’ll have a small for me to swap. If not, I’ll have wasted a trip, but will still be able to do it via mail, which seems annoying… and I have to wait 2 weeks. I am overly fond of instant gratification, so that 2 weeks sounds really bad to me.

So, here I am, putting my gear bag together and planning out my energy strategy and hoping that it doesn’t rain, but expecting it to rain. I’d forgotten that it can actually rain during the rainy season. El Nino has graciously reminded me. It’s all good, though. Apparently, not all of the plants in my back yard are dead. The rain is helping a few pull through, so I’ve got that going for me. Tomorrow, I’m taking my rain-proof running jacket just in case. I’ve got this. Back in October, I ran a half marathon, but my husband and son were nearby and I didn’t need to check gear. In November, I ran a 10k and they were nearby again, so I didn’t need to check gear. Spoiled! Now, they are planning to get into San Francisco later in the morning, closer to my finish time, and I have to check gear. Requires thinking and whatnot! Ah, well. It’s all good.

Good luck to everyone running in this event, and everyone just running a little bit this weekend! 🙂 Run happy!



4 thoughts on “Race Mind Games

  1. good luck 🙂 i’m just reading blogs as I get up and ready to run my first 10 miler in a long time! Also feeling nervous…. but we’ll do it 🙂

    1. Thanks! I am feeling better now that I am done swapping out my sweatshirt, am home taking it easy, and getting my race clothes all lined up. My jitters subside when I feel organized. 🙂

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