Whew! A Good 15k Today!

I wasn’t sure I was up for it today, but I had a good run. I was pleasantly surprised given my level of anxiety about my training. (I had been sick and wasn’t sure I had trained enough.)

I ran the San Francisco Hot Chocolate 15k this morning. I got there early… Too early. I had an hour before the race and pretty much only needed fifteen minutes. Oh well. Better safe than sorry…

The run was pretty flat, but on the way closer to the finish line, there was a small incline that I started to think wouldn’t end. It was wearing at me a bit toward the end – I was getting a little tired. Then, it finally ended. Finally! Pretty much as the race ended. Got my cutesy finisher medal and then everyone got hot chocolate and snacks. With chocolate sauce for dipping. Maybe too much chocolate. I ended up dumping most of it out. I tried to dip some of my banana in the chocolate for my son, but I managed to drop it on the ground. Parenting fail! He survived.

Before the run, my hubby and son called me via FaceTime. Soooo cute – apparently my boo woke up and was unhappy that mommy wasn’t at home. It was also nice to see my hubby and son after the race. I managed to lose my banana again! Good times! 🙂


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