Travel – Ugh! Am I right?

Today I traveled from San Francisco to Miami… Quite the slug since I had to get up at 3:30am… I am in Miami for a business conference, which is cool. I just hate the travel part. And, apparently, I need to fly domestically more because when I got to Miami, I kept thinking I should be in a different country. Or, maybe that was because I was so tired.

Ramblings from today:

Flight #1

I left home at 4am today. So, I’m kind of in a daze because who the hell gets up at 3:30am?!? I managed to forget to take my shoes off going through airport security. Then, I couldn’t find any lip balm in my bag, so bought some ridiculously over-priced Blistex at the airport, then I found my lip balm. (Edit: I have actually found two now!) I also forgot my compression socks.

My first flight was delayed because a tray table wouldn’t latch properly. For real! I was already facing a tight connection, but now I am facing down twenty minutes. I’m not even sure I can get off the plane in twenty minutes. I guess we will see if I am lucky or not.

Flying just feels like such a horrible experience. Everyone is grumpy and vying for the overhead compartment. Everyone brings over-sized bags. And, no personal space. And, no leg room for us tall folks. See? I’m tired and grouchy. Looking forward to a restless night’s sleep in my hotel room, she says with chagrin. Ah, well. I will survive.

Flight #2

OMG, I made it! I had about 15 minutes to catch my flight and was about to start pushing people out of the way, but it turns out the gates were right across from each other. I also got overhead space for my roller bag. Turns out there were a lot of people on my flight also going to Miami so I’m sure that was a good thing. The airline most likely didn’t want to have to rebook all of us.

I’m a little more awake now, but I am not really awake. Now that I’m on the plane and the fussy airline folks are further away from me (none of them seemed to happy to see us because we left a little late), I am going to try to stay awake… And, play some games on my phone. 🙂

From the Hotel

I made it to the hotel finally… Holy ****, I am exhausted. But, check out this view:


Not too shabby! I’m going to sit here and enjoy this view for a few minutes before heading down to the welcome reception. Looking forward to getting some sleep tonight.