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Managing My Alarms

I use my phone for all of my alarms now – mornings, naps… everything. Recently, I was pondering how that shift came about and subsequently summarized the progression… Because that’s what I do.

It all started when I got my FitBit. That was a while back, but my FitBit didn’t require much time to charge and it “monitored” my sleep so I kept it on. It also had this wonderful feature called a silent alarm. When my alarm went off, it just vibrated. I thought that was great because I get up earlier than my husband, so that’s when the regular, old school alarm was replaced. My FitBit sadly met an untimely demise. I ripped the band and had to duct tape it… Soooooo lame.

After that, I moved to a different fitness tracker (Nike Fuel+), but that didn’t have the silent alarm and by this time, I was getting up earlier than my husband and son, so I moved to the phone… Next logical step, right? Hahaha! Whether it was or not, that’s where I landed. I then got bored and named my alarms. I’m not the only one, right?!? I recently shifted my running schedule so that I don’t run on Sundays, hence the name on that one. Anyway, I name my alarms. Anyone else? Any clever alarm names?

My Alarms
My Alarms

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