Wildlife Wednesday

This morning, on my morning run, I saw an owl! An owl. I really wanted to name it Hedwig. It was beautiful – A barn owl. I wish I had gotten a picture, but that just wasn’t going to happen. It was too fast and I had to use my arm band for my phone this morning, which makes it hard to get to quickly. Oh well… Just seeing the owl was great in and of itself. I haven’t seen an owl out before.

It kind of balanced out the pigeons. We have the most annoying pigeons along my regular trail. Most mornings, I get dive bombed by a subset of this infestation. I seriously have to duck. The number seems to grow and grow – yuck. I’d love to see them go away some day. Not holding my breath, though.

This afternoon, no pigeons along the trail as I walked my dog… 🙂 Only seagulls and pelicans. Oh, and ducks. It was strangely warm (65F) and calm out, and we had a lot of waterfowl

Seagull and Pelican
Seagull and Pelican

I wan’t able to get a really good picture, but it was quite lovely. My dog couldn’t understand why I kept stopping on our way home, though. I think I confused him. 🙂


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