I think I can see it…

It's a bridge!

It’s a bridge!

Who ordered the fog? Your order is up! 😉

Toward the end of my morning run, the bridge finally started to peek through. Then, it disappeared again… Can’t wait to see it again! Hahaha!


11 Miles, 11 Deer, & 1 Piece of Cake

All the cake!

All the cake!

Hello everyone! Yesterday, I saw 5 deer along the road on my way to my training run. While I enjoy seeing the deer, it makes for a slow and cautious drive… No one is getting hurt on my watch!

After getting to the trail, I wondered if I would see any deer on the trail. Last week, not a single one. Which was disappointing because I really enjoy seeing them. We have a lot of blacktail deer around here in the hills. After mile 1, I saw 2 deer. In my head, I was keeping a tally: Road 5; Trail 2. Then, I saw 1 more. Road 5; Trail 3. I usually don’t see deer on their own, but this guy’s friends were nowhere to be found… On I ran. Then, around mile 5, I saw 2… no 3! Oh, how the tables have turned: Road 5; Trail 6. I didn’t see any more, so the final count was 11… On my 11-mile run.

The night before, my son did not sleep well, which meant no one slept well. After getting very little sleep between 1am and 5:45am when my alarm went off, I can’t stress enough how important sleep is for training. It was a very hard run. I think I did ok, but did end up walking about 1/2 a mile at the 9 1/2 mark because I was pretty pooped out. Oh, well. Still did reasonably ok.

Later, we attended a crab feed (it was a fundraising event). While I stuffed my face, my son was not quite so into the crab. He ate his PB&J and hung out. But, then, they started handing out cake for dessert. By the time, they got to us, nothing but chocolate and my boo does NOT like chocolate. So, his grandfather (my dad) hunted down a piece of yellow cake for him and he scarfed it down like no body’s business. So, I’d say it was a successful day. 🙂

National Toast Day?!?

I was just informed that it is National Toast Day. Why, oh why, is there a day for everything? Maybe that’s more of a rhetorical question because today I celebrate! I am a big Battlestar Galactica fan so I got out my toaster…

It's a frakking toaster!

It’s a frakking toaster!

What does one say to friends on national toast day? May the toast be with you? Enjoy that with some jam? Why doesn’t your toast have cylons on it? 😉

I do hope I find out the proper etiquette. Until then, that is my silliness for the day. Enjoy! 🙂

10 Miles and a Parade

One of the dragons in SF's Chinese New Year Parade

One of the dragons in SF’s Chinese New Year Parade

Hi Friends! Last week was a good training week. With my nasty sinus infection gone, I was able to run normally. It was actually an amazing improvement. Last Saturday, I was able to run 4 miles, but it was a hard 4 miles. Like, really hard. I had just started getting over my infection… But, I felt much better on Sunday, which is a rest day. Then, Monday-Wednesday, I ran my scheduled training runs. Tuesday was my 6-mile run and it felt good… So… Yesterday, I decided to try my scheduled 10-mile run. I figured at worst, I’d have to walk a little bit, but surely I could do the distance.

It was a good run. I ran the whole way and felt good afterward. So, then. On to the parade. Yesterday afternoon, the family went to the Chinese New Year parade in San Francisco. It was a lot of fun. My son didn’t want to leave and at one point actually yelled out, “Dragon! Come HERE!” to one of the many dragons in the parade. It was adorable. He also did a lot of hand waving.

Working on his parade wave

Working on his parade wave

This morning, I decadently slept in until 7:30. My quads and I are looking forward to a quiet non-running day because I go back to it tomorrow. Getting closer to my half marathon in Oakland!

Feeling Good

So many critters!

So many critters!

Hi friends! The last time I posted, I was sick and hoping to pick up my running schedule the next day. That didn’t happen. I posted on a Tuesday and later that night, I knew things weren’t going well.

I had to take a sick day from work and drag myself to the doctor’s office. I had a choice between a 10am and a 1pm appointment. To give you an idea of how bad I felt, I chose the 1pm appointment because I knew it would be too hard to get to the 10am appointment — and it was 7am when I was scheduling my visit.

It turns out I had one hellofa sinus infection. I was amazed by how much I better I felt on Thursday. I still wasn’t great, but more like 70% instead of 30%. On Friday, I did a 2-mile run… It hurt a little, but I did it… I was just happy to be feeling up to that short run after not moving much at all on Wednesday.

Saturday was much better. I did a 4-mile run and felt good. Sunday, I took my normal day off. This morning, I did another 4-mile run and felt good. I am behind on my training schedule, but I have recovered. It will all work out somehow.

I read an article about training for “where you are” after falling ill, not where you are supposed to be in your training schedule and I think it makes sense. I do think I’ll be able to catch up a little, but I didn’t want to push so hard that I can’t run my half marathon at all next month. This sinus infection hit hard and fast, so I will do what I can. True recovery is more important than anything. I know that sounds like hyperbole, but really… Running sick, with head and chest congestion, and not taking care of yourself will take its toll. Ah… Antibiotics! 😉

I had the day off (Happy Presidents Day!) and took my son (almost 3 years old) to see all of the animals that reside in the tide pools at a local marine preserve. We saw snails and barnacles and hermit crabs and sea urchins… And, it was great until he realized we were surrounded and he was scared to step on anything. It was truly sweet that he was worried about hurting all of the animals. It is unseasonably warm (like in the 70s) and I think all of our morning activities wore him out, so I am enjoying some quiet time during nap. 🙂

Wowee – What a Cold!

This sums up the last 5 days!

This sums up the last 5 days!

Today (Tuesday), is the first time my chest hasn’t hurt since Thursday. I was able to do my long run on Saturday, but that pretty much sent me into a downward spiral. I was in bed most of Sunday and yesterday was (literally) painful. I wasn’t able to run on Monday or this morning, per my training schedule. I’m a little nervous about that because I am getting ready for a half marathon next month, but I really wasn’t able to move much yesterday. Even though I am better today, I decided to not run in the hopes of an actual recovery.

Unless my chest pain comes back, I’m planning to run tomorrow. Any suggestions on getting back on track would be greatly appreciated. Right now, I’m planning to run 3 or 4 miles at a slow pace. I’m scheduled to do a 9-mile run on Saturday so I am really hoping everything goes well tomorrow! After tomorrow, I have another run on Friday before my long run on Saturday! Eeeeekkkkkk!


Running in the rain

Bobby pins save the day!

Bobby pins save the day!

Yeah, sure… It’s bright and sunny now, but when I went on my run this morning, it was raining. This fall/winter, I’ve been wearing my new Brooks rain-proof jacket and the jacket is indeed rain-proof. And, wind proof. Mostly. HOWEVER! The hood is not adjustable, so if there is any wind at all, the hood falls off when the wind is head on or even sideways. That’s a pretty big bummer when it’s raining raining – you know, not just a light drizzle or mist.

So, I’ve found a way to keep the hood up. Bobby pins! That’s right. One on each side, hood + hat. The hood stayed up for the whole run, which is great because it rained the whole time. Next time I buy rain gear, I will make sure the hood is adjustable (so you can cinch it). You hear that, Brooks?