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Feeling Good

So many critters!
So many critters!

Hi friends! The last time I posted, I was sick and hoping to pick up my running schedule the next day. That didn’t happen. I posted on a Tuesday and later that night, I knew things weren’t going well.

I had to take a sick day from work and drag myself to the doctor’s office. I had a choice between a 10am and a 1pm appointment. To give you an idea of how bad I felt, I chose the 1pm appointment because I knew it would be too hard to get to the 10am appointment — and it was 7am when I was scheduling my visit.

It turns out I had one hellofa sinus infection. I was amazed by how much I better I felt on Thursday. I still wasn’t great, but more like 70% instead of 30%. On Friday, I did a 2-mile run… It hurt a little, but I did it… I was just happy to be feeling up to that short run after not moving much at all on Wednesday.

Saturday was much better. I did a 4-mile run and felt good. Sunday, I took my normal day off. This morning, I did another 4-mile run and felt good. I am behind on my training schedule, but I have recovered. It will all work out somehow.

I read an article about training for “where you are” after falling ill, not where you are supposed to be in your training schedule and I think it makes sense. I do think I’ll be able to catch up a little, but I didn’t want to push so hard that I can’t run my half marathon at all next month. This sinus infection hit hard and fast, so I will do what I can. True recovery is more important than anything. I know that sounds like hyperbole, but really… Running sick, with head and chest congestion, and not taking care of yourself will take its toll. Ah… Antibiotics! 😉

I had the day off (Happy Presidents Day!) and took my son (almost 3 years old) to see all of the animals that reside in the tide pools at a local marine preserve. We saw snails and barnacles and hermit crabs and sea urchins… And, it was great until he realized we were surrounded and he was scared to step on anything. It was truly sweet that he was worried about hurting all of the animals. It is unseasonably warm (like in the 70s) and I think all of our morning activities wore him out, so I am enjoying some quiet time during nap. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Feeling Good

  1. I am so happy you’re feeling better! Yes, sinus infections will really lay you out! I hate them! What a fun day out with your son! I love seeing different kinds of sea creatures… they’re like little aliens! And I know I asked you when your half was, but I can now see it’s the 20th, so I think you’ve got plenty of time to bounce back and you’re going to do great! I’ll still send you positive vibes regardless (every little bit helps, right? lol!)

    1. I will take all positive vibes!! Thanks for your support… I know you have a half coming up, too. Seems like all is going well with your training… Will send you some good vibes, too. 🙂

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