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10 Miles and a Parade

One of the dragons in SF's Chinese New Year Parade
One of the dragons in SF’s Chinese New Year Parade

Hi Friends! Last week was a good training week. With my nasty sinus infection gone, I was able to run normally. It was actually an amazing improvement. Last Saturday, I was able to run 4 miles, but it was a hard 4 miles. Like, really hard. I had just started getting over my infection… But, I felt much better on Sunday, which is a rest day. Then, Monday-Wednesday, I ran my scheduled training runs. Tuesday was my 6-mile run and it felt good… So… Yesterday, I decided to try my scheduled 10-mile run. I figured at worst, I’d have to walk a little bit, but surely I could do the distance.

It was a good run. I ran the whole way and felt good afterward. So, then. On to the parade. Yesterday afternoon, the family went to the Chinese New Year parade in San Francisco. It was a lot of fun. My son didn’t want to leave and at one point actually yelled out, “Dragon! Come HERE!” to one of the many dragons in the parade. It was adorable. He also did a lot of hand waving.

Working on his parade wave
Working on his parade wave

This morning, I decadently slept in until 7:30. My quads and I are looking forward to a quiet non-running day because I go back to it tomorrow. Getting closer to my half marathon in Oakland!


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