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11 Miles, 11 Deer, & 1 Piece of Cake

All the cake!
All the cake!

Hello everyone! Yesterday, I saw 5 deer along the road on my way to my training run. While I enjoy seeing the deer, it makes for a slow and cautious drive… No one is getting hurt on my watch!

After getting to the trail, I wondered if I would see any deer on the trail. Last week, not a single one. Which was disappointing because I really enjoy seeing them. We have a lot of blacktail deer around here in the hills. After mile 1, I saw 2 deer. In my head, I was keeping a tally: Road 5; Trail 2. Then, I saw 1 more. Road 5; Trail 3. I usually don’t see deer on their own, but this guy’s friends were nowhere to be found… On I ran. Then, around mile 5, I saw 2… no 3! Oh, how the tables have turned: Road 5; Trail 6. I didn’t see any more, so the final count was 11… On my 11-mile run.

The night before, my son did not sleep well, which meant no one slept well. After getting very little sleep between 1am and 5:45am when my alarm went off, I can’t stress enough how important sleep is for training. It was a very hard run. I think I did ok, but did end up walking about 1/2 a mile at the 9 1/2 mark because I was pretty pooped out. Oh, well. Still did reasonably ok.

Later, we attended a crab feed (it was a fundraising event). While I stuffed my face, my son was not quite so into the crab. He ate his PB&J and hung out. But, then, they started handing out cake for dessert. By the time, they got to us, nothing but chocolate and my boo does NOT like chocolate. So, his grandfather (my dad) hunted down a piece of yellow cake for him and he scarfed it down like no body’s business. So, I’d say it was a successful day. 🙂


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