A very wet training run

Well, today’s run was… well… wet. It was my last long run before the Oakland Running Festival half marathon on March 20 and it pretty much rained the whole time. I do have a rain jacket, but it was 60F and humid – too hot for my jacket. So, I just got soaked. I learned that I do *not* like running in squishy, wet socks. The deer came out in droves to watch my misery. I counted 27 total (2 on the road to the trail and 25 while running). They all pretty much looked like this:

Hello Deer!
Hello Deer!

Since I was running 12 miles, I was hoping to take a few pictures, but really, it was just too rainy… I did get one more shot… One I’ve been meaning to take for a while:

San Andreas Fault Marker
San Andreas Fault Marker

Pre-run, I had a thin bagel with peanut butter, but only had 2 Gu’s to take with me. I took them both and used them, but really needed 1 more to not feel tired. So, in addition to my distaste for squishy socks, I learned that you should not just try to make due with what you have. Plan ahead!! Being pelted with rain didn’t help. The best thing I did today was to have a dry sweatshirt waiting in the car. It definitely made the ride home more pleasant. This sums up my 2+ hour run (I hope you like Totoro):



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