Seriously, what just happened to my foot?

I am confused! Here is the build up to my foot problem this morning:

  1. I did a 12-mile training run on Saturday. Aside from being soaked because I sweat a lot and ran in the rain, no issues
  2. Yesterday was a rest day. So, I enjoyed a soccer match (Go San Jose Earthquakes!) and relaxed

Now… This morning, I got ready for my 4-mile run… No issues… Until I put on my right shoe. The top of my foot hurt – I actually couldn’t do my run and came back home. I tried both pairs of running shoes, and had the same problem. Pain approximately where I tie my shoes. Only on the top, and only when I put on my shoes. Rubbing and poking and prodding on my foot caused no pain whatsoever.

I decided to give it another try and was able to put on my shoe without pain this afternoon (around 1pm) and do my training run. Yay! But, really…

What happened??? I have no idea. I’m glad it stopped, but how weird!! Anyone have any ideas? Has anything like this happened to you?


5 thoughts on “Seriously, what just happened to my foot?

  1. I see, said the blind man… I bought a new pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16s in October, which is also the previous shoe I’ve been running in. I think (been trying to find a comparison of years/models to confirm) that they lowered the drop. When I ran yesterday, I ran in my old shoes (nay, “dependable workhorses”). Ran this morning in the new hotness and still had a little bit of soreness. May need to rotate my shoes more often for a longer break-in period. (Learned a bit from this Runner’s World article: http://goo.gl/g5yDHv) 🙂

  2. Yes! I’ve had that happen to me! Almost like a bruised feeling? Or like a cactus in your sock irritating where you tie your shoes? It took about a week to go away. I made sure my laces were loose and I eased up on the runs for a week (slowed down, didn’t stop). Don’t have a clue what it is though. I stretched my foot a lot too. Good luck with it. I know, it sucks. 😦

      1. Yes, 🙂 … I had the same make and model, just they were brand new. I wear the shoes now for long distances, and I haven’t had a problem since. And I rotate through 3 different pairs… but come to think of it, the next couple of times I ran, I went with the other shoes, then I went back. (Did I make sense?)

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