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My Morning Coffee

Tonight, I am nursing a sore quad and glad this morning’s run was only 6 miles. Next weekend is the Oakland Running Festival and I am running the half marathon. Gotta get this quad feeling better! But, that’s not what I want to write about… I want to write about my morning coffee ritual.

Coffee, you complete me!
Coffee, you complete me!

I have been working hard to perfect my home brewing technique and I am rather pleased with how things have been going. I’ve played around with several different coffees and my two favorites are Illy and Dillanos. Illy is an Italian coffee roasting company that specializes in espresso. Dillanos is a Washington-based coffee roasting company that focuses on speciality coffees. They are both DEELISH!

Getting ready for my Dillanos!

Weekend mornings, I get to make pour-over coffee and I delight in the process. I love making a great cup of coffee. I grind the beans that morning, and then use a Chemex brewer. My coffee experience starts with putting the water on the stove. Then, I grind my beans at a French press level – somewhat course. When the water is warm, I pour a little through the filter to eliminate any papery taste and to preheat my brewer. After dumping out the excess water, I put the beans into the filter and wait for the water to get just right. You want to get it just after the boil.

Waiting for the water to boil
Waiting for the water to boil

My brew process includes 3 pours – the first is a small pour that lets the coffee beans expand, sometimes called a “bloom.” This takes about 45 seconds or so. A good bloom will give you even water dispersion and your coffee will taste fabulous. The other 2 pours are to get the volume right… When I’m all done, a little cream and sugar and I am one happy camper. I like to make proper lattes, too. My husband thinks I am crazy, but look at this! Mmmmmm…

This coffee is ready to drink
This coffee is ready to drink

Hope there are a few other caffeine and/or coffee addicts out there that can appreciate a good cup of home-brewed heaven. 🙂 I really do love the whole process. There is something calming about it… It’s a strange love affair, but it works for me. Have a great Sunday!!


3 thoughts on “My Morning Coffee

  1. I have yet to use this method of brewing coffee myself, but I love how elegant it looks. I recently interviewed a coffee roaster and he was a wealth of information regarding coffee bean sourcing and brewing coffee. He mentioned using metal filters. Have you ever used those? ~Anna

    1. I haven’t used a metal filter yet. Mainly because the local coffee experts recommended the paper filters made for the Chemex because they catch the micro fines (small grains) and oils… That being said, I’ve read that those fines and oils can make for a richer cup of coffee, and I certainly like the idea of less waste. Maybe I’ll bite the bullet one of these days. The Chemex filters are about $10 for 100 filters and the metal filters are about $60. If you try the Chemex, let me know what you think. It is my favorite way to make coffee. 🙂

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