Oakland Running Festival Recap

ORF went well overall… We stayed in Oakland Saturday night to make things easier. Originally, I thought it would be more helpful for my husband and son, but my son is going through a separation anxiety stage with me right now and it was really hard (and loud) when I left the room Sunday morning to head to the starting line. Ah, three year olds!

While the hotel window was a touch warped, still had a nice view from our room:

View from Oakland Marriott City Center
View from Oakland Marriott City Center

The other great thing about our room was that we ran past so my son got to see me while they were getting dressed and packed up. 🙂

The event was mostly dry, but I did get drenched in a downpour toward the end of the half marathon. Oh well, better than it raining the whole time! My performance was definitely not where I wanted it to be. If I can paraphrase Yogi Berra, running “is 90% mental and the other half is physical.” My brain wasn’t cooperating and I broke down and walked for a bit – not because of anything physical, really. It was a mental break that I just couldn’t control. I’ve been kicking myself ever since, but I’ll live… I did this half marathon three years ago and barely finished because of a MASSIVE calf cramp in my left leg. Honestly, it it hadn’t been for the amazing volunteers, I might not have limped across the finish line.

The half didn’t start until 9:10 and for some reason, I don’t do so well if I get started after 7am… As you can see, my rationalizations have begun… Sleep deprived because my son hasn’t been sleeping… Didn’t get to finish my bagel… There are a hundred excuses, but I know the real reason is just that my head wasn’t in the game as much as my legs were.

The Oakland police were fantastic. At one point, there was a car whose driver just didn’t care about road closures and was trying to cross through the runners… Yeah, OPD wasn’t having any of it and stopped them super quick. Thank you, OPD for being on the ball yet again. They have been great each time I’ve participating in ORF.

A very good friend of mine lives in Oakland and we went to his place afterward… He let me get a shower (yay!!) and made the most amazing food. It was magnificent. Check out this post-race feast:

Now *this* is a post-race meal!
Now *this* is a post-race meal!

I’m still drooling over how good the bacon and eggs were. Seriously… Mmmmm….


Here are a few pics from yesterday.



Yes, that is an arch with flames! Thanks to The Crucible for that one!


And, then I tried to stretch with my foam roller after I got home… I eventually got to do my stretches, but this is what happened as soon as I got on the floor:

2016-03-21 14.00.57
My dog loves me! 🙂

I probably should have lead with the dog picture! He just wanted to cuddle and for some reason, didn’t want to accept my excuses about needed to stretch and avoid leg cramps. Silly dog. Next weekend, I am planning to get my first pair of trail shoes and am glad I have plenty of time to train and get my head in the game before the Yosemite Half in October. Run happy!


3 thoughts on “Oakland Running Festival Recap

  1. Are those hash browns next to the bacon and eggs? What a spread!! Your head may not have been in it, but you did it! Congratulations! And look at all those smiles and kisses afterwards, sooo worth it!! 🙂

    1. Yes! And, he made the hash browns with some of the bacon fat. It was crazy good! Dog and boy are good at cuddles, and I guess the extra good news is that I beat my previous half marathon time by one whole minute! lol

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