Tuneless Training

Run without sound?!?!
Run without sound?!?!

I ran three miles today and decided to do the second half with no tunes. Ok, not really. My earbuds died! Oh, they are plugged in and charging now… Now that it doesn’t really matter. But, hey! It’s something.

As I was running, my bluetooth earbuds gave me the “low battery” warning. I thought maybe I could make it through since it was a short run, but nope! I heard “power off” and then the music died. (Bye bye, Miss American Pie?)

Interestingly, I found that it was helpful to listen to my breathing. I was able to keep a better rhythm, which made me feel better… Which helped me run… wait for it… faster. I do focus on my breathing, but it was different when I was actually *listening* and not just *feeling* the in and out in and out. So, I feel like I learned a good lesson today. It’s perhaps a good idea to sometimes turn off the tunes and enjoy the silence (Depeche Mode anyone?). Thoughts?

Happy Friday!




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