It’s Been a Good Workout Week

Nice View of SF Bay
Nice View of SF Bay

I’m still super excited to be past my knee injury. My exercise routine is back in place for now. I ran twice this week  (Monday and Friday). Yes, I did my 6am cycling class on Wednesday, although I am not sure why I torture myself. And, on Saturday, I finally got to go back to the body sculpting class that triggered my month-long journey into recovery and it ROCKED. Last time, the regular instructor wasn’t there, but she was there this week. And, she was amazing. We focused on alllllll the problem areas – triceps, core, butt. And, all those things are still sore. 🙂

Probably a good thing I’ve been able to work out. This has been a weekend of celebrations. On Saturday, we went to a lovely wedding and received super tasty chocolate bars (full-sized, glorious chocolate bars) as wedding favors. That’s cool. What’s cooler? My son doesn’t like chocolate… I have 2 of these bad boys all to myself!!

It's All Mine!
It’s All Mine!

On Sunday, we went to a birthday party. I may or may not have consumed 1.5 cupcakes. There is obviously no evidence to support your outrageous claims… So, let’s just move on.

For some reason, I took notice of dressing area. I’m not sure why my husband keeps calling this thing a towel rack… clearly it is where running tops go. I think it’s time for some laundry!

Laundry Time!
Laundry Time!

Coming soon… My take on peanut butter. Yes, I’ve been thinking a lot about peanut butter lately.

Stay healthy!



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