It’s Hot in Hong Kong

We are visiting Hong Kong right now. Visiting with family and doing requisite touristy things… 🙂

This morning, I braved the heat and humidity to go for a run. At 7:30am, it was already 75F and about 1000% humidity. Not hyperbolic at all!! I went toVictoria Park and ran the designated jogging loop. 

Jogging Trail
Jogging Trail

I did 5 loops, which came out to a little over 2 miles and called it quits. Holy ****, I thought I was going to pass out. I am not made for this… I do my best running at 55F. I am proud to say that I’ve now gone for runs in Madrid, London, and now Hong Kong. Woohoo! Maybe I’ll feel brave and do one more before we leave. 

After my Hong Kong Run
After my Hong Kong Run

Stay healthy!


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