Ramblings of a Ramshackle Runner

Last Sunday was the day of the Orlando shooting. I went on a run that morning and found myself preoccupied with what had happened. In a way, it was a nice way to reflect and gather my thoughts. But, it was my first 5-mile trail run… On an unfamiliar trail. So, I ended up taking a wrong turn and had to backtrack at one point. The run started off with a very steep hill and that kind of set the tone for the whole way.


For a short while, I was on the road, which was worse because it’s an area with lots and lots and lots of bicyclists. On the plus side, I had a very nice view…


… and my trail shoes finally look like, well, trail shoes. The glossy, fresh-out-of-the-box look is starting to give way to dirt. 🙂


That run kicked my butt and somehow contributed to the loss of my car key. Or maybe it was my preoccupation with Orlando… I put my key in the zip pocket of my running tights. I vividly remember getting the key out and getting in the car to drive home… I know I put all my stuff in the passenger seat next to me. I have no idea what happened to the key after I got home. I have everything else accounted for. SIGH!

This week, I’ve been trying to step up my game because I have a 12k coming up next month. I had actually forgotten about it for a while and had been cruising on “vacation mode.” Then, we were invited to an event on the same day. When I checked the calendar, I was like OOPS! I need to knock it up a notch. Where’s my spice weasel??

Tomorrow, I’ve planned a 6-mile trail run. Again on an unfamiliar trail, but I am putting more effort into my review of the trails and terrain. 🙂 Hopefully, no backtracking tomorrow. I’m only able to do trail runs on the weekend, so I’m really hoping once a week is enough to get me prepared for the Yosemite Half in October. Crossing my fingers.

Stay safe! Stay healthy!

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