Exploring More Trails

I changed up my schedule this weekend and did my trail run on Saturday. I tried a new nature preserve – Pearson-Arastradero Preserve in Palo Alto. It was a very nice run… I veered off of my planned course by accident, but that’s ok. I ended up cutting my run from 6 to 5 miles, but still felt like I got a good workout and I know where I went wrong so I can get it right next time. Great weather and some lovely views. Lately, with all of this trail running, I’ve really been appreciating the beauty of the SF Bay Area. This day was no exception.


Looking out over Hwy280


What I enjoyed most about this trail run was that the hills were nice, rolling inclines rather than last week‘s initial steep climb that kicked my butt. I am still working on my hill stamina, but I think I’ve started working on this early enough to make my October trail half successful. 🙂 While going uphill is never really “easy” for me, this went pretty well. I got to see horses, too, and a lovely little pond.

The pond at Pearson-Arastradero Preserve

On Sunday, we went to Napa for our annual Father’s Day brunch – It’s me, my son, my husband, and both grandpas. Since I didn’t do my trail run yesterday, I did get in an early 4-mile run so was really eager to get my hands on the bacon. We had a lot of fun and I enjoyed the views after brunch. These flowers were in the “backyard” of the restaurant we went to:

Stay healthy!

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