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I guess I solved my snacking problem…

Over the last several years, my teeth have shifted. Not terribly, but enough to bother me. I mentioned it to my dentist and he recommended Invisalign. Ok, yeah. Let’s get my teeth back to where the should be.

I had molds of my teeth taken and then waited for my trays to arrive. Yesterday, I went to the dentist for my first set. They filed various teeth to make room between them so they can push them back to solve for some overcrowding. That was the top. On both top and bottom, they put a LOT of little nubs on my teeth to move them around. All of those little nubs sit inside of the trays. And it all hurt like hell.

Day 2 of this and I’m already over it. It hurts to take the trays out, it hurts to put them back in, and I’d rather not touch them at all… So. Snacking problem solved. In the worst way possible. And one of those little nubs is in such a bad position with the trays out that I can’t chew properly. For real?!? I mean, I don’t want to be on granny’s soft food diet for close to a year.

Or, this may be the biggest test of my patience ever and I’ll come out of this a bitter… Er, I mean, better person. 😉


Me in my Invisalign

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