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Day 5 of Invisalign (aka, I’m Hangry)

This! (can be bought here)

I started with Invisalign on Monday… And, it is safe to say that my transition has been rocky. Taking the trays in and out has put a stop to my evening snackage. Yay? Stopping the snackage has led to me waking up hungy. That’s new – usually I have to get moving before I feel like I could use a bite of breakfast. That can quickly lead to hangry, especially when I run or cycle… Which is most days.

New world order is me trying to figure out the best morning process for eating and brushing my teeth, and avoiding more than one tray removal. Because that alone takes me a couple of long, painful minutes. Bleh – I hope I get more efficient soon. I feel like a bumbling fool at the moment. Aaannnnnddddddd, I may have already knocked off one of the many nubs my dentist put on my teeth. Sigh! I decided I will deal with that next week – I just can’t handle another round of that this week. They put a torture device on you to hold your mouth open, then they put some kind of cement stuff on your teeth to form the nub, then they bake the shape into your tray.

At work, my favorite lunch is a salad… which is now hard to eat. 😦 I manage, though… Because I love that stupid salad. It has mixed greens, blue cheese, dried cranberries, sliced pears, walnuts, and chicken. It’s sooooo good. Ok, enough about the salad. It’s bad enough that the cashier laughs at me because I get the same thing EVERY time. She does. Every now and then I threaten to change it up, but she knows it’s an empty threat! Hahaha!

Onward, though… Right? Because at this point, I’ve paid for it and they’ve filed my teeth (to make room to move some on the top) so I suppose I’m committed. Things I’ve observed so far:

  • At some point, you realize you don’t feel comfortable with the trays in or out
  • You can’t talk properly either way anymore
  • They seem less obtrusive than regular braces, but they don’t feel less obtrusive
  • By Wednesday, I had people noticing my “invisible” aligners, so not so invisible
  • I’m a total weenie, and am worried that I will do nothing but whine until I’m done
  • I need this shirt:


Have a wonderful weekend, friends. And, if you are in the US, I hope you have a 3-day weekend full of fun and fireworks! Stay healthy!





2 thoughts on “Day 5 of Invisalign (aka, I’m Hangry)

    1. Indeed – I find myself weighing whether it’s worth taking out the trays for a handful of pretzels and the pretzels have been losing. Hard! I mean, then I have to brush my teeth AGAIN! But, yes, it will be nice to have my teeth back to where they used to be.

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