Across the Bay 12K – Beautiful San Francisco

I took a taxi into San Francisco this morning for the Across the Bay 12K. (I took the taxi so we’d only have 1 car in the city as my hubby and son were coming later.) As we approached the city, it really hit me how much I love SF. Since I moved to the Bay Area in 2000, I’ve been smitten with this city and still am. It’s an interesting time for SF… I feel like it is a city struggling to find itself (it’s identity) after much change – So many new companies, so many new techies, so many company shuttles, so many artists and people being displaced due to rising costs. I watch and wonder what will happen… I do hope it settles into something I still love. At its core, I feel like SF is beautiful, graceful, accepting, loving.

* San Francisco view – Not my picture

The 12K was a point to point run – Ft. Baker in Sausalito to Aquatic Park in SF. We had to catch shuttles to the race start, so I squished my long legs into a school bus and off we went. As we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, I saw a whale breach the water! It was amazing. I saw water spout up and then saw the dorsal fin and the tail – yes, actual whale tail! I was so excited! It could have been a blue whale or a humpback whale – I couldn’t tell. And, the weather couldn’t have been better. Sunny, somewhere around 55F – just gorgeous. There were times I was completely in awe of the views (and I forgot to take pictures because I was totally in the moment).

After getting to Ft. Baker, I turned over my gear to bag check and waited for my wave to start. While waiting, I saw 2 whales! I was giddy. Probably too giddy for someone my age, but it was so cool.

At the start
View from Ft. Baker

My wave started and I was off to the Golden Gate… Pretty steep incline to get up to the bridge, so I ended up walking the last third. Plus, I was worried about my right knee (been giving me trouble for a little over a week). After that, I was on the bridge and… I got to see the whales again. They were apparently just hanging out at the bridge. I was watching them breach as I ran and I almost ran into a light post (or 3 or 4).

Golden Gate Bridge
Crossing the Golden Gate

The rest of the run went better than expected. Meaning, my knee didn’t really bother me. I tried to keep a slightly slower pace, though, because I really didn’t want to mess it up to the point where it would impact my training schedule for my half marathon in October. I was pleased.

Then, I got my medal, my post-race snack, and my gear.

All done!

Took me a while to find my hubby because he didn’t pay much attention when I told him where the finishing line was. 🙂 On the way, I found this guy… Looks like Deadpool was in the run! 😉

ummm… Deadpool?

After I finally found him, we took off so I could come home and change. We had a 3-yr-old’s birthday party to get to. My son had a blast. After the party, we came home and played with his Matchbox cars… Which means, we crashed them. That kiddo loves to crash his cars. Hahahaha.

I did take a small nap after all of that. And, in a little while, we are going to dinner to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. Our anniversary was on Thursday, but celebrating on a weeknight just doesn’t happen in our worlds… Although I did convince my hubby to go to a soccer match on a Friday night. San Jose Earthquakes played FC Dallas. We lost. 😦 Oh, well! At least we got out on a Friday. 🙂

Stay healthy!



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