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Spiderweb Vortex – Eek!!

This morning, I went on a 4-mile trail run. I took a break from the trail runs while I was trying to get my knee back to normal, so it was really nice to be back out there. I went to Edgewood Park because it’s a pretty quick drive to get there and it’s very pretty. I have only seen one deer there before, but this morning I saw 3… And, the requisite lizards basking in the sun.

Today’s run had me starting on the Sylvan Trail. Not doing Old Stage Road at the start again! (More on that below.) I then took the Serpentine Trail to the Clarkia Trail. I didn’t get to the trailhead, but turned around after 2 miles and returned the way I came.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 3.42.35 PM
Edgewood Park Map

I’ve posted photos from there before so didn’t really think about taking any this time until I saw this:

Here’s the spiderweb vortex!!

It’s a spiderweb that goes into some kind of crazy spiral vortex that disappears into a hole in the ground. I mean, whoa! So, yes, that’s the photo I took today. Kind of glad I didn’t meet the spider…

Then, I felt like I needed to take a photo of something that wasn’t creepy. To make up for the spiderweb, here are some pretty flowers:

These flowers are prettier than the spiderweb vortex 🙂

Hilly trail runs are nice. A bit more challenging to me than paved trails due to all the rocks and uneven surfaces, but really worth it. I feel like it’s a great workout, plus it’s lovely, plus it’s peaceful. I should really do more hill work and this is a great way to do it – I’ve learned my lesson about starting off on a really steep uphill, though. The one time I did that, it ended up making me feel winded the entire run. So, a more moderate hill is a better choice for me. Still elevates my heart rate, but it doesn’t keep me from enjoying the rest of the run. I’m learning how to make my trail runs more enjoyable and still exploring different trails. Newbie at work! 🙂 Any trail or hill advice? Let me know!

Stay healthy!

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