Settling In With My Road Bike

I’ve been biking a lot lately, but it’s been road biking with a mountain bike. It didn’t feel efficient, but I thought maybe it would be ok. It wasn’t. I finally had enough. I took the plunge and got a proper road bike. And, like I have with my mountain bike, I got clip-in pedals.

Last weekend, I went on my last road ride on my mountain bike (mostly)!

Me on my Gary Fisher Sugar 3+ Mountain Bike

Well, you know that saying that things come in 3s? I’d say my first 3 rides on my new bike were less than stellar. I’m really hoping those are out of the way now. On my first ride, I somehow got off of the trail I meant to follow. Turns out that was a good thing… After stopping to consult my map a few times, I made it back to the original trail. Yay. Maybe. I stayed on the trail going back and found that I should have stuck with the “wrong way” because I ended up on gravel. On my road bike. Not cool. Made it back… But, sigh!

On my second ride, I fell close to the end of my ride because I couldn’t get my right foot out of the pedal. What’s worse is that people saw me, so in addition to a small bruise on my arm, I had a big bruise on my ego!


And, then there was the non-existent third try. I went to go for a ride and my bike was listing and wobbling… at 6am. Oh, great. A flat tire. I rode my mountain bike instead. Wow, it seemed super heavy after riding the road bike only a couple of times. Later in the day, I pumped up my tire only to realize that there was a slow leak. I found something had pierced it so I had to take it in for repair – I haven’t even gotten a repair kit yet.

And, that brings us to today. A successful ride of nearly 23 miles. No falling, no getting lost. (Hopefully nothing else in my tires.) Even the hills felt pretty good on this bike! It’s so much lighter than my mountain bike… Burned some calories and worked on my sprints. I highly recommend getting a proper bike for whatever you are doing or want to do – it makes a big difference. More on that and my bike in my next post.

Me and my Specialized Roubaix Road Bike
A Proper Road Bike!

I am participating in a half marathon this Saturday. My training has been pretty impacted by a knee injury, but I think I can run half, maybe most of it. We’ll see how it goes, but after a 5-mile run yesterday, I am feeling more confident in my recovery. All of this biking has certainly helped. I’ve been able to keep up my cardio while not over-straining my knee.

Stay healthy!


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