A Disturbance in The Force

I grew up with Star Wars and I though Princess Leia was awesome. She was smart, fierce, and could take care of herself. Her one-liners were priceless… “Aren’t you a little short to be a storm trooper?”

Carrie Fisher, though… She was even more badass to me. She was true to herself. She talked honestly and openly about her life and her issues. In 2009, I saw her in her one-woman show called “Wishful Drinking,” after her book of the same name. She was amazing – funny and open. Captivating and endearing.

On December 23, I was saddened to learn that Carrie Fisher had had a massive heart attack. Both my husband and I were upset… Today, she died. I am truly sad. But, I’ve enjoyed reading so many amazing stories and posts about Fisher today. Two in particular stand out:

1. General Organa. Boom.

2. This post from Jenny Lawson’s blog. Lawson admired Carrie Fisher for some very personal reasons and she wrote beautifully about Fisher’s influence.

Even though my 3 1/2 year-old son has never seen Star Wars (not yet, anyway), he and his preschool classmates seem to be obsessed with it. Today in the car, he kept telling me “the car said Star Wars” – and yes, it did. Sort of. The radio, but I’m not nitpicking. And, the newscasters were continually reminding me that Fisher is now gone. 2016 can suck it. We’ve lost so many this year. This feels like the last straw. Keeping my head down and hoping for the best.


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