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It’s a New Year – Time to Reflect

2016 had some lows. I mean, really, some lows… You know, like on a global scale. Many celebrity deaths, some of which affected me greatly – Prince, Carrie Fisher, Gene Wilder, David Bowie, Alan Rickman. There were many others, but those are the ones that made me sad. I’ll just say that the political arena was a clown show and leaves the US poised to set back advances in science, education, and health care. That really put me in a end-of-year depression, and I’ve had to find a way to deal with my disappointments. I have, and I will be ok.

2016 also had some highs. The highs were overshadowed by the lows, but let’s not forget:

  • California is now powering over 6 million homes with solar power, a record in the US (Go Cali!)
  • 70,000 Muslim clerics declared a fatwa against ISIS
  • Coffee consumption has been proved to help curtail cancer and suicide rates
  • New medicine has been shown to increase melanoma survival rate to 40%

On a personal level, I don’t think I had too many lows. I did some reflecting today so I could focus on the good things of this past year. Here are the highs from my 2016:

  • My son is fully potty trained and that is seriously liberating!
  • Rainbows, a lot of them last year
  • Sea lions… In San Francisco, of course
  • Our first Holi celebration
  • Running and biking
  • My son is still alive and reasonably unscathed by my haphazard approach to parenting 🙂
  • Reconnecting with old friends
  • Carpool karaoke

2017 will certainly be interesting. I’m doing 2 half marathons, my son will turn 4, we will do more international traveling, and who knows what will happen in between all of those things. I’m really looking forward to the DisneyLand Half Marathon in September (yes, I’ve already registered for a race in September) because that will be my son’s first visit to Disney. What a great excuse! I certainly hope the universe can find a way to balance itself.

To start 2017 off right, I did a 4-mile trail run this morning. I haven’t done a trail run in months. It was beautiful…


Here’s hoping the rest of 2017 is just as lovely. Happy New Year everyone! Be healthy!