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Random Wednesday Musings

On Sunday, I went running. Nothing out of the ordinary there. But, I encountered two women running with an off-leash dog. I’m going to pause there because a) it’s not legal and b) dogs can be unpredictable and c) good thing I’m not afraid of dogs… The dog was well-behaved and kept pace with them several feet ahead. The first time I saw them we were going in opposite directions. Second time, they were coming up behind me. The second time is the reason I decided to include this in my musings.

Blurry dog running off-leash

I was running along minding my own business, lost in my own thoughts, when suddenly I felt something bump into my right leg. I kind of jumped to the left a little, looked down and saw the dog. Then I could hear one of the women calling the dog and it slowed down, but then kept encroaching on my space time after time, until they passed me. Again, glad I’m not afraid of dogs. So, appropriate or inappropriate? Not much of a bother to me, per se, but I am pretty sure that would have been a bother to someone afraid of or not fond of dogs.

I went running on Tuesday. Again, nothing out of the ordinary. But, then I saw this on the trail!

A message on the trail

A friend of mine moved to Arizona last year, but comes back now and then to run half marathons in the old neighborhood. She was in town this weekend to run the San Francisco Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon… And, she left a note. I didn’t get to see her on this trip, so I thought it was extra cool that I found this.

This bird.

What are you trying to tell me little bird?

Yesterday, this bird drove me crazy for the better part of 30 minutes. She was at my kitchen window pecking away. It sounded a little like morse code. Whatever she was trying to tell me, it was urgent. But, sadly, I wasn’t getting it. I even went outside to see if something, like a cat, was after her. Nope. Just really, really wanted to be inside. After about 30 minutes, she moved to a nearby tree. Hopefully, she was feeling better… or something.

Speaking of birds… About a month ago, I was working at my desk and heard some kind of noise. I couldn’t quite figure out what it was so I opened the blinds. From my desk, which is on the second floor of my two-story house, I can see the roof over the garage. There was a crow shoving something under one of the shingles. Seriously. So, I can only assume that my roof has become some kind of storage unit for this bird. One of these days, maybe I’ll go out there to see what I can find. I’m guessing multiple hiding spots. Crows are crafty.

Stay healthy!


4 thoughts on “Random Wednesday Musings

  1. That definitely would have been scary because you don’t know that dog and what their motivations are. My dog is a goober, but he’s a big goober. I’ve also had a run in with a not-so-nice dog loose in my neighborhood many years ago (and a different neighborhood). We have off-leash dog parks for a reason. I also frequent a trail that has a fair amount of wildlife – I’m sure they don’t like off-leash dogs, either. 🙂

  2. The dog thing would unnerve me. I love all animals, but yes, dogs are powerful and unpredictable and I’ve been attacked, so I would’ve freaked. I don’t get why people refuse to understand that others may just possibly be afraid of dogs they don’t know. I guess it’s a “walk a mile in my shoes and then you’d understand” kinda thing. Cute bird!

    1. Honestly, when I take my dog for a walk, I do my best to make sure we give people space. I don’t know who is afraid or not, or who doesn’t like dogs. Well… sometimes those people are obvious based on body language, but not always. And as for my run, it was distracting to have the dog coming up beside me until they passed. I see allllll kinds of things on the trail.

      1. Sorry, I should’ve added that I know not everyone does that with their dog, just those with their dogs off-leash. I was running around soccer fields (no dogs allowed), and someone let their dog off the leash, who the proceeded to charge me at full speed. Just a high-energy dog, but still scared the life out of me as I didn’t know why it was charging towards me.

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