Where did the year go?


Well, it’s been a year since my last post… I have been busy and decidedly neglected my blogging. My son, who turns 6 in April, has been keeping me very (VERY) busy. This age is so much fun, though. Tired 5-6 year olds are really very similar to drunk friends. You have to carry them into the house, help them go to the bathroom, put them to bed despite their arguments about not being tired. My son is in Kindergarten and learning to read. I guess that’s where a lot of my time has gone. I basically have homework every night. And, then there are the classes. For us, it’s karate and soccer.

It’s been hard to maintain a healthy(ish) regimen. At least on the food side. I’ve been struggling with way too much snacking – some of it definitely stress induced, some of it for no good reason. I’m working on that. My weakest point is evening. After dinner, I have trouble stopping myself. I have no idea why it’s so challenging. It doesn’t help that I have 6 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in my pantry. Hahaha!


The good news is that I’ve been pretty consistent with my exercise. Running and spin classes, plus weekly weight work. I should do more weight work, but I don’t know how to schedule that in. I have shifted to 10Ks instead of half marathons, mainly because of the time commitments. The longer the run, the more time it takes to train… And, I just don’t have the time. Plus my kiddo is starting to want all my medals. To be honest, I think my last half marathon took it out of me. I was in 100F heat and I am not cut out for that. I got sick recently and am working my way back to my regular 4-mile runs. I think the older we get, the more challenging everything is. Finding time, dealing with physical changes, working with injuries. I’m still kicking, though, and that’s something. Looking forward to sharing more about my life – exercise, food, extra-curricular activities.

Stay healthy!

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