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Fun in the Snow

This past weekend, we went skiing and snowboarding with friends. We went to Truckee, CA. I was actually dreading it. Why? Sounds fun, right? Well, I knew the drive would be at least 4 hours (it was closer to 6) and I know that I fell a lot on our annual trip up to ski country last year and I didn’t want to do that again. I’m happy to report that this weekend was awesome instead of a disaster.

Who does’t like to lie down in the snow?

The drive was maybe not so great. We left on Friday and I had on my Pollyanna face – we have plenty of time, as long as we start driving by 2pm. Bahahaha! We left at 1:45 and it took a really long time. My close-to-being-6-year-old started asking “how much longer” after the first 30 minutes! Yikes! We had one bridge to cross and as you know, an accident on a bridge can kill a commute. We missed that accident by about 5 minutes. Seriously. Other friends who also drove up on Friday left at 2:45 and they didn’t get there until close to midnight. So, lesson learned? Leave as early as possible. Kid can eat lunch in the car. Sorry kid.

The weather was fantastic! Highs in the low 30s (Fahrenheit) and lots of snow and fresh powder. While that sounds cold, with the right gear, it’s all good. And, we are not early morning people, so we missed out on being in the snow while it was still in the teens or 20s.

I signed my son up for a 1-hour ski lesson. I’d call it mildly successful. He survived, did ok, but pretty much grumped the whole time. Partially because he was hungry… But why eat when parents tell you to? Why eat when parents say you won’t get another chance before your lesson? Such a stereotype. <big grin> That 1-hour lesson did give me some unfettered access to the slopes, though.

And I, on the other hand, had a great day with my snowboard. Quite unexpected, to be honest. I just figured I would fall a lot, but I actually snowboarded a lot and only fell a little. Woohoo! I also managed to get off of the ski lift without falling on my butt. These are the little things that mean so much! Snowboarding is also great exercise – my legs were thoroughly exhausted by the end of the day. I am not sure if smart/sport watches can adequately capture the calories folks burn like this. It feels like my Apple watch was close. I hope so, because I was really hungry and ate a lot of snacks and dinner after we got back to our rental. 🙂

The second day was spent tubing and sledding. With a few snowball fights for good measure. When we went up last year, this same snowplay area was pretty much barren of snow. It was crazy! This year was amazing. All in all, quite successful and fun. Even the drive back wasn’t so bad. So, while I didn’t get to do my regular workout schedule, it was great to be outside so much. Wish we could do this more often.

Last year (the day before a big snow hit, but still)
This year! Nothing but fun!


Where did the year go?

Source: truestoryhub.com

Well, it’s been a year since my last post… I have been busy and decidedly neglected my blogging. My son, who turns 6 in April, has been keeping me very (VERY) busy. This age is so much fun, though. Tired 5-6 year olds are really very similar to drunk friends. You have to carry them into the house, help them go to the bathroom, put them to bed despite their arguments about not being tired. My son is in Kindergarten and learning to read. I guess that’s where a lot of my time has gone. I basically have homework every night. And, then there are the classes. For us, it’s karate and soccer.

It’s been hard to maintain a healthy(ish) regimen. At least on the food side. I’ve been struggling with way too much snacking – some of it definitely stress induced, some of it for no good reason. I’m working on that. My weakest point is evening. After dinner, I have trouble stopping myself. I have no idea why it’s so challenging. It doesn’t help that I have 6 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in my pantry. Hahaha!

Source: commons.wikimedia.org

The good news is that I’ve been pretty consistent with my exercise. Running and spin classes, plus weekly weight work. I should do more weight work, but I don’t know how to schedule that in. I have shifted to 10Ks instead of half marathons, mainly because of the time commitments. The longer the run, the more time it takes to train… And, I just don’t have the time. Plus my kiddo is starting to want all my medals. To be honest, I think my last half marathon took it out of me. I was in 100F heat and I am not cut out for that. I got sick recently and am working my way back to my regular 4-mile runs. I think the older we get, the more challenging everything is. Finding time, dealing with physical changes, working with injuries. I’m still kicking, though, and that’s something. Looking forward to sharing more about my life – exercise, food, extra-curricular activities.

Stay healthy!


The Flu is a Beast

Hi everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted… I feel like I’ve been crazy busy, but I’m trying to get back to it. In January, I got the flu. I’ve since recovered, but it was a 3-week ordeal, probably prolonged by some bad choices (I’ll get to those!)

I recall the day it started. It was Thursday, January 25th. About 10am, I started feeling a little tired and had some chills. Shake it off, girl! I tried, but… By, midday, I knew I had a bad cold. By, mid-afternoon, I wanted to crawl under a rock. I had to pick up my son (almost 5) at 4:30, though, I live through his karate class. And, I did. Barely. I sat and drank water for the whole hour while trying desperately not to cough.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 5.31.06 PM
Source: http://clipart-library.com/clipart/Acbrnjy6i.htm

After I got him home, I somehow managed to feed him and then proceeded to lie down on the sofa and fall asleep. When my husband got home, my son (who adorably did check on me a few times), had dumped out what seemed like all of his toys on the floor. Great. I couldn’t move and we found that I had a temperature of 104. Yikes!! Hubby got me some Tylenol and got me in bed.

Honestly, I pretty much *lost the next 4 days*. I slept most of the time and when I was awake, I couldn’t focus. Everything felt foggy. So, I kept taking my Tylenol and trying to keep my temperature around 100-101. I finally gave up and asked my husband to take me to urgent care, Tuesday night (the 30th). I got Tamiflu and a Z-Pack (antibiotics). The doctor said lots of people were coming back with pneumonia, so recommended treating both. Good idea, doc! By, the next afternoon, I was on the mend. Yay!

The following week, I did something super ridiculous. I tried to go running, despite being rundown and tired. I thought I could force the rest of this illness out of me. Yeah… Not so much. I pretty much ended up walking and coughing. I did this 3 times. 3 times! What was I thinking?!? The 3rd time, I pulled a muscle on my right side from all the coughing and decided to stop being crazy.

I took another week off and finally, finally, finally returned to the world of the living. I’ve been running and exercising since then and am back to normal. But, wow, what a journey. I guess my ultimate message here is take it easy if you get the flu. It’s horrible and it is literally killing people.

I’m so glad to be over it. I remember thinking to myself at one point after the 3rd week that I had forgotten what it felt like to feel normal. Ugh. I was also overdue to get some new running shoes. I did that today and am looking forward to reporting back on how I like them. Whohoo!

Stay healthy!

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Housekeeping Progress

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now… I finally bought a medal hanger for my race memorabilia. About 2 months ago. Finally hung it up this weekend. There area few that didn’t fit, but that’s ok because there are more runs coming. I’ll have to find another one soon. Until then, at least these are no longer weighing down the light fixture in my bathroom. Small victories! Onward, friends!


Back to School Can Be Expensive

Every year, through work, I put together two backpacks of school supplies for kids in need. I always pick one boy and one girl, grade varies.

This year, I went with lower grades, which made things a little less expensive, but still… School can be expensive. I ranted to my husband for close to 10 minutes about the prices of the backpacks. The cheapest ones were $35. I’m not complaining about spending the money – please understand that. But, I can definitely see how these costs can add up and if you are struggling to make ends meet, $35 for a backpack is ridiculous. Because you still have all the other things to buy.

My total cost was about $127 – not too bad. When I pick high schoolers, it’s more because you need calculators and compasses and all that stuff. Out of $127, $70 went toward the backpacks – that’s over 50%. Luckily, kids can use backpacks for more than one year… Yeesh. My son will start Kindergarten in 2018, so I guess I should get myself prepared. 🙂

Here are my 2 finished backpacks:



FedEx Hates Lululemon… Or Me.

Let’s start at the beginning. In June, I ordered a pair of “dance studio” pants online from Lululemon. I have 3 pairs of these capris and wanted a pair of long pants because they fit well and look nice… They also come in 36″ inseam, which is great for me. I’m 6′ tall.

On June 13, the pants shipped from Tacoma, Washington, and arrived at the South San Francisco FedEx facility on June 14. No scans or tracking after that. Just vanished. I was not able to go directly to FedEx to file an exception report. I had to go through Lululemon because of their contract with FedEx. Nothing came out of that, so about one month later, Lululemon refunded my money. For the record — still no pants from that order.


That was June. July is a brand new month and a brand new opportunity – right? Sort of. I saw a couple of other items I was interested in, so decided to order those, plus re-order that pair of the pants that never arrived. That was on July 15. The twists and turns on this order are far more interesting (and aggravating) than the previous one.

Here’s how it went down:

  1. FedEx tracking showed that my shipment was scheduled to be delivered on July 19. Great! And, wrong!
  2. On July 19, at 11:50am, I received notification that my shipment was now scheduled for July 20. No biggie.
  3. On July 20, at 7:36am, I received a notification that my shipment had been delivered. I was home. Went outside.


  1. Checked the online status. Delivered? Yesterday (aka, July 19)? At 3:33pm? I don’t think so.
  2. Same day (20th), I called FedEx and had them file a delivery dispute on my behalf. Investigation to commence.
  3. On the 21st, FedEx called to say that the package was still sitting at the local facility. That’s a bummer, but at least they have it.
  4. Checked online status. It shows out for delivery. Woohoo. I’ll get to try out  my new gear this weekend… Hold on, Christina. Don’t get cocky.
  5. Later on the 21st, I got a notification that they tried to deliver, but couldn’t because business was closed or customer not available. Huh? Delivery address is my home and there is no signature required.


  1. Late Friday night, I filed 2 complaints with FedEx. Why 2? Because I filed the first one before seeing the updated “we couldn’t deliver” status, which made me super annoyed.
  2. Monday (July 24) rolls around and I call FedEx again. Oh, it will be delivered today.


I decided to call Lululemon to see if they could get any information. They definitely got further than me – and the customer service rep was great! They had FedEx call the local facility directly… Supposedly, due to an “investigation” that I was unaware of (you know, because it had already been investigated), FedEx is supposed to call me the next day.

I also checked their Facebook page and saw lots of complaints. Responded to one person’s post with a brief description of what happened to me. FedEx responded and I had them also investigate this mess. I was quite surprised to get a response from them via Facebook, but surely it helped put pressure on to get this resolved.

  1. July 25 (aka, the next day) – no one called. Online status shows pending and at the local facility. Nothing came.
  2. July 26! I called FedEx again because the online status has nothing but “pending” and no one has called me. Customer service rep says it is on a truck for delivery. Well, I’ll be a monkey’s aunt. It finally arrived. I got an email confirming delivery – been there. So, I asked my dad to go by my house to see if there was a package. Indeed, there was…


Congratulations FedEx. You actually delivered a package that you said you delivered a week ago!

Stay tuned. Next post will be about my new gear! Woohoo!


Packed Weekend

While I’m trying to get back into the blog groove, I thought I would share some pictures from my weekend until my next “long” post.

On Saturday, I did my regular weight class at the gym then we took off for a fun day on the bikes. My husband, 4-year-old, and I biked to Coyote Point in San Mateo, CA. Our plan was to go to CuriOdyssey, which is a science and wildlife center aimed at children’s learning, have lunch, and then go hit a playground before biking back.

Turns out that CuriOdyssey was having a “rescue animal” day where they had an organization showing off some of their rescued animals. That was cool. I got super excited about the snakes.

Rescue Snakes!

We then had lunch at the Poplar Creek Golf Course restaurant… Honestly, I didn’t even know it was there until this past weekend. Great view. And, so far, we were on track.

Poplar Creek Golf Course View

After lunch, we headed out toward the playground and saw some HUGE kites. Well, it was just our luck that there was a kite festival going on. We got to check out all things kite related in addition to playing at the playground. That was fun.

Giant Kites at the Coyote Point Kite Festival

On Sunday, we got to explore the beach not too far from our house. It was a really nice walk. Lovely view!

A view even a toddler can appreciate

Until next time. Stay healthy!


My Invisalign Hell is Coming to a Close

Last year at this time:

I’m a little bothered. My teeth have shifted over the last several years and it’s really bothering me. My lower front teeth are a bit crooked and my 2 upper front teeth have started to dent in slightly. I want this to stop before it starts to look bad. My dentist convinced me to do a treatment of Invisalign.

This year:

Hey dentist! Get these nubs off my teeth. I am done. D-O-N-E. And, I am done with you. I hate everything about this… This has been incredibly challenging and I am over it. Regular braces would have been less annoying… I’ll explain why shortly. But, note this! This Friday, 3 short days away, the torture ends… Woohoo! And, even though my dentist is out of sorts with me, the issues I was worried about have been fixed. I’m happy with where things are. My teeth aren’t perfect, but that’s because I can’t follow the rules well…


If you are not familiar with Invisalign, you get plastic trays that move your teeth. You wear 1 tray for 2 weeks, then move to the next tray, etc. You also get these lovely (that was sarcastic) little attachments put on your teeth to help the trays push the teeth around. These attachments are nubs of varying shape.

A Set of Invisalign Trays

While it doesn’t sound so bad “on paper,” I found Invisalign challenging for several reasons:

  1. These trays fill up with saliva and it’s gross
  2. I find myself constantly trying to suck the saliva out so it feels better and doesn’t look as gross
  3. I can’t wear chap stick or lip gloss of any kind because it gets on the trays
  4. I meet with customers every week and don’t feel professional with an upper tray full of saliva
  5. Due to this perpetual cup of saliva in my mouth, I drink water all the time. Yeah, I know it’s healthy, but I am really tired of having to go to the bathroom *all* the time
  6. I have a lot of sinus issues so when I exercise, I am usually breathing through my mouth from the beginning. When you breath through your mouth, your saliva thickens. That’s already problematic, now add thickened saliva to an Invisalign tray and it’s extra gross
  7. I can’t enjoy coffee or tea with the trays in because hot beverages can damage the trays – well, that sucks on a royal level. I still enjoy my coffee, even though I’m not being a good patient because I’m taking my trays out more than they would like. I would rather deal with taking these torture devices out for a bit to enjoy a cuppa than totally depriving myself – that is probably the main reason I think regular braces would have been easier

Other things I’ve found challenging:

  • Lack of explanations from my dentist… Things like, “I’m going to saw on your teeth to make room for the other teeth to move.” He just did it and I was like what the hell are you doing? Ugh
  • About half way through my 18 trays, I noticed that my trays weren’t fitting properly. We had to do what they called an adjustment, which means more molds, etc, to readjust the trays… I thought it would extend my treatment by a little, but the new plan came back at 19 trays! That’s more than the original plan. That added too much time than my mental health could handle

So, earlier this month, I actually called my dentist and told them I was ready to stop the treatment early. They talked me into continuing at an accelerated pace with my trays through the end of the month. I guess technically through early June, but you feel me, right? They were making my last appointment and it fell on a week they will be closed… The poor woman trying to schedule asked if we could push it to the week after and I was like, HELL NO. So, this Friday is my release date. I am very much looking forward to no more nubs. I’ll get to go on vacation next month in peace. Woohoo! Yippee!

Definitely think Invisalign over before jumping in… You, too, may find that a different kind of treatment may be better for you and your lifestyle. And, certainly, there are less expensive treatments. I know a lot of people have done just fine with Invisalign – I’m just not one of them. 🙂

Just in case you were thinking about eating a tray:

Swallowing a Tray May be Harmful – Duh!

In case you can’t see it, it says accidental swallowing may be harmful. Did you see the first picture with the trays?? Yeah, no kidding… 😉

Stay healthy!