My Invisalign Hell is Coming to a Close

Last year at this time:

I’m a little bothered. My teeth have shifted over the last several years and it’s really bothering me. My lower front teeth are a bit crooked and my 2 upper front teeth have started to dent in slightly. I want this to stop before it starts to look bad. My dentist convinced me to do a treatment of Invisalign.

This year:

Hey dentist! Get these nubs off my teeth. I am done. D-O-N-E. And, I am done with you. I hate everything about this… This has been incredibly challenging and I am over it. Regular braces would have been less annoying… I’ll explain why shortly. But, note this! This Friday, 3 short days away, the torture ends… Woohoo! And, even though my dentist is out of sorts with me, the issues I was worried about have been fixed. I’m happy with where things are. My teeth aren’t perfect, but that’s because I can’t follow the rules well…


If you are not familiar with Invisalign, you get plastic trays that move your teeth. You wear 1 tray for 2 weeks, then move to the next tray, etc. You also get these lovely (that was sarcastic) little attachments put on your teeth to help the trays push the teeth around. These attachments are nubs of varying shape.

A Set of Invisalign Trays

While it doesn’t sound so bad “on paper,” I found Invisalign challenging for several reasons:

  1. These trays fill up with saliva and it’s gross
  2. I find myself constantly trying to suck the saliva out so it feels better and doesn’t look as gross
  3. I can’t wear chap stick or lip gloss of any kind because it gets on the trays
  4. I meet with customers every week and don’t feel professional with an upper tray full of saliva
  5. Due to this perpetual cup of saliva in my mouth, I drink water all the time. Yeah, I know it’s healthy, but I am really tired of having to go to the bathroom *all* the time
  6. I have a lot of sinus issues so when I exercise, I am usually breathing through my mouth from the beginning. When you breath through your mouth, your saliva thickens. That’s already problematic, now add thickened saliva to an Invisalign tray and it’s extra gross
  7. I can’t enjoy coffee or tea with the trays in because hot beverages can damage the trays – well, that sucks on a royal level. I still enjoy my coffee, even though I’m not being a good patient because I’m taking my trays out more than they would like. I would rather deal with taking these torture devices out for a bit to enjoy a cuppa than totally depriving myself – that is probably the main reason I think regular braces would have been easier

Other things I’ve found challenging:

  • Lack of explanations from my dentist… Things like, “I’m going to saw on your teeth to make room for the other teeth to move.” He just did it and I was like what the hell are you doing? Ugh
  • About half way through my 18 trays, I noticed that my trays weren’t fitting properly. We had to do what they called an adjustment, which means more molds, etc, to readjust the trays… I thought it would extend my treatment by a little, but the new plan came back at 19 trays! That’s more than the original plan. That added too much time than my mental health could handle

So, earlier this month, I actually called my dentist and told them I was ready to stop the treatment early. They talked me into continuing at an accelerated pace with my trays through the end of the month. I guess technically through early June, but you feel me, right? They were making my last appointment and it fell on a week they will be closed… The poor woman trying to schedule asked if we could push it to the week after and I was like, HELL NO. So, this Friday is my release date. I am very much looking forward to no more nubs. I’ll get to go on vacation next month in peace. Woohoo! Yippee!

Definitely think Invisalign over before jumping in… You, too, may find that a different kind of treatment may be better for you and your lifestyle. And, certainly, there are less expensive treatments. I know a lot of people have done just fine with Invisalign – I’m just not one of them. 🙂

Just in case you were thinking about eating a tray:

Swallowing a Tray May be Harmful – Duh!

In case you can’t see it, it says accidental swallowing may be harmful. Did you see the first picture with the trays?? Yeah, no kidding… 😉

Stay healthy!


Day 5 of Invisalign (aka, I’m Hangry)


This! (can be bought here)

I started with Invisalign on Monday… And, it is safe to say that my transition has been rocky. Taking the trays in and out has put a stop to my evening snackage. Yay? Stopping the snackage has led to me waking up hungy. That’s new – usually I have to get moving before I feel like I could use a bite of breakfast. That can quickly lead to hangry, especially when I run or cycle… Which is most days.

New world order is me trying to figure out the best morning process for eating and brushing my teeth, and avoiding more than one tray removal. Because that alone takes me a couple of long, painful minutes. Bleh – I hope I get more efficient soon. I feel like a bumbling fool at the moment. Aaannnnnddddddd, I may have already knocked off one of the many nubs my dentist put on my teeth. Sigh! I decided I will deal with that next week – I just can’t handle another round of that this week. They put a torture device on you to hold your mouth open, then they put some kind of cement stuff on your teeth to form the nub, then they bake the shape into your tray.

At work, my favorite lunch is a salad… which is now hard to eat. 😦 I manage, though… Because I love that stupid salad. It has mixed greens, blue cheese, dried cranberries, sliced pears, walnuts, and chicken. It’s sooooo good. Ok, enough about the salad. It’s bad enough that the cashier laughs at me because I get the same thing EVERY time. She does. Every now and then I threaten to change it up, but she knows it’s an empty threat! Hahaha!

Onward, though… Right? Because at this point, I’ve paid for it and they’ve filed my teeth (to make room to move some on the top) so I suppose I’m committed. Things I’ve observed so far:

  • At some point, you realize you don’t feel comfortable with the trays in or out
  • You can’t talk properly either way anymore
  • They seem less obtrusive than regular braces, but they don’t feel less obtrusive
  • By Wednesday, I had people noticing my “invisible” aligners, so not so invisible
  • I’m a total weenie, and am worried that I will do nothing but whine until I’m done
  • I need this shirt:


Have a wonderful weekend, friends. And, if you are in the US, I hope you have a 3-day weekend full of fun and fireworks! Stay healthy!




I guess I solved my snacking problem…

Over the last several years, my teeth have shifted. Not terribly, but enough to bother me. I mentioned it to my dentist and he recommended Invisalign. Ok, yeah. Let’s get my teeth back to where the should be.

I had molds of my teeth taken and then waited for my trays to arrive. Yesterday, I went to the dentist for my first set. They filed various teeth to make room between them so they can push them back to solve for some overcrowding. That was the top. On both top and bottom, they put a LOT of little nubs on my teeth to move them around. All of those little nubs sit inside of the trays. And it all hurt like hell.

Day 2 of this and I’m already over it. It hurts to take the trays out, it hurts to put them back in, and I’d rather not touch them at all… So. Snacking problem solved. In the worst way possible. And one of those little nubs is in such a bad position with the trays out that I can’t chew properly. For real?!? I mean, I don’t want to be on granny’s soft food diet for close to a year.

Or, this may be the biggest test of my patience ever and I’ll come out of this a bitter… Er, I mean, better person. 😉



Me in my Invisalign