2017 So Far Has Been Tough

I haven’t posted much lately. After a rough January, I thought February would be better for me. But, here I am on the last day of the month nursing an ankle injury. I recently got some new running shoes, but didn’t break them in properly and now I’m paying the price. Ah, well.

Lesson learned: A 4-mile run is not the way to break in new shoes.

New Running Shoes

What should I have done? Half a mile, maybe 1. Then, gradually build up distance. Got it for next time.

I’m about a month away from the Oakland Half Marathon and am really hoping things improve on the training front. Maybe the bigger lesson here is that you still have to be careful even when you think you know what you are doing.

Me in taped up glory

Too bad you can’t see all the tape under my shoe… I will say that the KT tape has helped a bit, but would really like to be 100% pain free soon. Stay healthy!


Exercise and Recovery

Last Saturday, I hurt my right knee during my first body sculpting class at the gym. At first I thought it was just muscle soreness, but quickly realized I had done something not-so-good. It’s not horrible, but I don’t want to risk hurting it more, so I took it easy this week. I did 2 cycling classes and 2 short (3-mile) runs on the treadmill. I also now remember just how boring treadmill running can be. 😉

My knee is still sore, but doing better… I think I made the right choice. Especially, if you want to add the soreness in my left foot. Since mid-March, the ball of my foot has been really bothering me. I decided to power through that and completed a half marathon on March 20. But, now! Now, my foot seems angry at me, so I’m also nursing that injury.

I know both injuries would get better faster if I weren’t still exercising, but that would kill me. Maybe not literally, but I do think it would demoralize me too much. So, a slightly slower recovery so I can continue doing mild exercise feels like the best solution.

I’ve also started wrapping my knee with my KT Tape, which has been really helpful. I have a knee brace, but it felt super bulky and uncomfortable. I checked out the tutorial on how to wrap my knee with the KT Tape and managed to do a pretty decent job. My knee felt good – It’s a good alternative if a knee brace isn’t 100% needed and if you just can’t stand all that bulk.

So, I’ve learned:

  • Treadmill running is boring. Wait, I already knew that… But, I reconfirmed. Oh, I already mentioned that? That’s because it’s boring
  • Sunday’s cycling class is a LOT more intense than Wednesday’s cycling class. Maybe because it is at 8am instead of 6am? I don’t know, but today’s class was TOUGH. I felt good about it after, but it was challenging

I would have done body sculpting again (but careful on the knee), but my son’s birthday party was yesterday and that meant no time for a morning workout. We had 20 kids running around like crazy. And, the cake turned out super awesome.

No pictures of my boring workout week, but checkout this cake! 🙂

My son's birthday cake!

My son’s birthday cake!