Pressing On

On April 2, I ran the Oakland Running Festival half marathon. It was a hard run for me… It starts later than I am used to and the weather was quite warm. Half way through the race, I felt dizzy. I had to walk for a while, then went back to running. I didn’t feel particularly good for the rest of the run, but I did manage to finish at about my regular time, and shaved off 1 minute from my previous half. And, I finally had a friend doing the same run!


We finished! Oak Town FTW!

This is my 4th time doing the half in Oakland. The race was very well organized and I liked the way they changed up the start/finish area this year. However, after my run, I was thinking that this would be my last. After thinking about it for several days, maybe not. If I do this again next year, I’m going to train differently… While I can’t control the weather, I can control when I do my weekend practice runs. I think I will start running later in the mornings to get used to a later start time. I’m used to a 6:30am start time, not 9:10am (the time the half starts).

That being said, I’ve been feeling a bit worn down lately. Last week, I took 2 days off from any exercise (Monday and Tuesday). Then, I did my indoor cycling class on Wednesday, light running on Thursday and Friday, weight work on Saturday. I tried an open run on Sunday, meaning I decided to run as far as I wanted, didn’t matter what the distance was. I ended up running 4.5 miles and got to check out a vista point that I’ve been curious about.


There’s a teeny tiny San Francisco out there

The most important thing to note is that my speed increased. I’m starting to wonder if I am running too much right now. Adding more recovery time between runs seems to be giving me more speed and endurance. Anyone else find this to be true? Sometimes? All the time?

Stay healthy!


Break on through to the other side

On Sunday, I was supposed to run 8¬†miles as part of my half marathon training program. I managed around 7 1/2 – mainly¬†because I was traveling (Labor Day weekend). But, not hitting my goal really gave me a sense of disappointment. I should have planned better, should have mapped out a route better… Blah blah blah.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I was able to get through my 4-mile and 6-mile runs pretty well. My quads were sore on Wednesday, but that’s nothing new… Then, Thursday hit… I had some pain at the beginning of my run and had to walk for a bit. I was worried it wouldn’t stop, but it did and I was able to get through my 4-mile run. But, wow! I was really feeling tired. More disappointment.

Last night, I put some Salonpas on my quad and went to bed as early as I could. Today is a non-running day, but I also decided to make it a non-workout day because I am tired and frustrated with my recent performance. So, while at first, it felt like defeat, I really think I did the right thing. If I don’t listen to what my body is telling me, I won’t be able to go further and do it healthy/without pain.

My stubborn side lost today and I’m glad. I am resting up so I can do my 4-mile on Saturday and my 9-mile run on Sunday. I’m going to break on through to the other side and get myself back in the groove. Deep breaths… Enjoying the break… Onward tomorrow.