New Coffee & It’s So Good

Ok, so I went to a coffee festival a few weeks ago in San Francisco… Yeah, I know. It sounds maybe silly, maybe pretentious, maybe a bit overzealous in my love of coffee. BUT, and there is a but, it was totally worth it. So many local coffee roasters in one place. I would never know about half of these coffee roasters, and I walked away with some new delicious coffee beans. That was a win in my book!

The first new coffee I have tried is Proyecto Diaz Coffee El Carmen. El Carmen is a light-roast Oaxacan coffee and I find it aromatic and delightful.

This weekend, I was able to spend some quality time with my Chemex and enjoy a few cups of Proyecto Diaz coffee. In addition to fine tasting coffee, the company seems pretty darn amazing. They source coffee exclusively from small-scale producers and co-ops. They are working toward sustainable farm infrastructure and farming practices. Props to these guys. I’ll definitely be buying more.


Oh, there’s a half marathon in my backyard

This morning, I got up to go for a run. Walk out the front door and flip a proverbial coin on which direction to run, then get moving. I thought it would be nice to run toward the San Mateo Bay Bridge for the view. And, that’s where I found it. The Divas Series half marathon. Oopsies. 

While it was lovely out, I knew I was in trouble. That pack coming down the road… They would soon be on the same trail as me and would end up playing a fine game of dodge the runner because I was going the other way. Oh, well. Got my run in. 

Divas wear pink

Apparently it is bad form to wear anything other than pink. 😁

Across the Bay 12K – Beautiful San Francisco

I took a taxi into San Francisco this morning for the Across the Bay 12K. (I took the taxi so we’d only have 1 car in the city as my hubby and son were coming later.) As we approached the city, it really hit me how much I love SF. Since I moved to the Bay Area in 2000, I’ve been smitten with this city and still am. It’s an interesting time for SF… I feel like it is a city struggling to find itself (it’s identity) after much change – So many new companies, so many new techies, so many company shuttles, so many artists and people being displaced due to rising costs. I watch and wonder what will happen… I do hope it settles into something I still love. At its core, I feel like SF is beautiful, graceful, accepting, loving.

* San Francisco view – Not my picture

The 12K was a point to point run – Ft. Baker in Sausalito to Aquatic Park in SF. We had to catch shuttles to the race start, so I squished my long legs into a school bus and off we went. As we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, I saw a whale breach the water! It was amazing. I saw water spout up and then saw the dorsal fin and the tail – yes, actual whale tail! I was so excited! It could have been a blue whale or a humpback whale – I couldn’t tell. And, the weather couldn’t have been better. Sunny, somewhere around 55F – just gorgeous. There were times I was completely in awe of the views (and I forgot to take pictures because I was totally in the moment).

After getting to Ft. Baker, I turned over my gear to bag check and waited for my wave to start. While waiting, I saw 2 whales! I was giddy. Probably too giddy for someone my age, but it was so cool.

At the start

View from Ft. Baker

My wave started and I was off to the Golden Gate… Pretty steep incline to get up to the bridge, so I ended up walking the last third. Plus, I was worried about my right knee (been giving me trouble for a little over a week). After that, I was on the bridge and… I got to see the whales again. They were apparently just hanging out at the bridge. I was watching them breach as I ran and I almost ran into a light post (or 3 or 4).

Golden Gate Bridge

Crossing the Golden Gate

The rest of the run went better than expected. Meaning, my knee didn’t really bother me. I tried to keep a slightly slower pace, though, because I really didn’t want to mess it up to the point where it would impact my training schedule for my half marathon in October. I was pleased.

Then, I got my medal, my post-race snack, and my gear.

All done!

Took me a while to find my hubby because he didn’t pay much attention when I told him where the finishing line was. 🙂 On the way, I found this guy… Looks like Deadpool was in the run! 😉

ummm… Deadpool?

After I finally found him, we took off so I could come home and change. We had a 3-yr-old’s birthday party to get to. My son had a blast. After the party, we came home and played with his Matchbox cars… Which means, we crashed them. That kiddo loves to crash his cars. Hahahaha.

I did take a small nap after all of that. And, in a little while, we are going to dinner to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. Our anniversary was on Thursday, but celebrating on a weeknight just doesn’t happen in our worlds… Although I did convince my hubby to go to a soccer match on a Friday night. San Jose Earthquakes played FC Dallas. We lost. 😦 Oh, well! At least we got out on a Friday. 🙂

Stay healthy!


Wildlife Wednesday

This morning, on my morning run, I saw an owl! An owl. I really wanted to name it Hedwig. It was beautiful – A barn owl. I wish I had gotten a picture, but that just wasn’t going to happen. It was too fast and I had to use my arm band for my phone this morning, which makes it hard to get to quickly. Oh well… Just seeing the owl was great in and of itself. I haven’t seen an owl out before.

It kind of balanced out the pigeons. We have the most annoying pigeons along my regular trail. Most mornings, I get dive bombed by a subset of this infestation. I seriously have to duck. The number seems to grow and grow – yuck. I’d love to see them go away some day. Not holding my breath, though.

This afternoon, no pigeons along the trail as I walked my dog… 🙂 Only seagulls and pelicans. Oh, and ducks. It was strangely warm (65F) and calm out, and we had a lot of waterfowl



Seagull and Pelican

Seagull and Pelican

I wan’t able to get a really good picture, but it was quite lovely. My dog couldn’t understand why I kept stopping on our way home, though. I think I confused him. 🙂

Whew! A Good 15k Today!

I wasn’t sure I was up for it today, but I had a good run. I was pleasantly surprised given my level of anxiety about my training. (I had been sick and wasn’t sure I had trained enough.)

I ran the San Francisco Hot Chocolate 15k this morning. I got there early… Too early. I had an hour before the race and pretty much only needed fifteen minutes. Oh well. Better safe than sorry…

The run was pretty flat, but on the way closer to the finish line, there was a small incline that I started to think wouldn’t end. It was wearing at me a bit toward the end – I was getting a little tired. Then, it finally ended. Finally! Pretty much as the race ended. Got my cutesy finisher medal and then everyone got hot chocolate and snacks. With chocolate sauce for dipping. Maybe too much chocolate. I ended up dumping most of it out. I tried to dip some of my banana in the chocolate for my son, but I managed to drop it on the ground. Parenting fail! He survived.

Before the run, my hubby and son called me via FaceTime. Soooo cute – apparently my boo woke up and was unhappy that mommy wasn’t at home. It was also nice to see my hubby and son after the race. I managed to lose my banana again! Good times! 🙂

Race Mind Games

I am running a 15k tomorrow. It’s the Hot Chocolate run in San Francisco and it helps out the Ronald McDonald House, which is an amazing organization helping provide a place to stay for families who need to be close to their children while they undergo critical medical care.

I was sick over the holidays but I made my training runs – I had to cute my 9-mile run down to a 7-mile run, but that’s ok. I guess. And, this is where the mind games start…

Finally mostly over my illness. To play it safe, I did two runs this week on the treadmill at the gym. Yay for me! Then, on Friday, I ran 3 miles on my regular training path. Only 3 miles and it felt really hard. Then, I kept thinking, what if the treadmill made me soft?!? It’s such a cushy run compared to pavement or sidewalk. OMG, could I have sabotaged my training? No, that’s crazy. I just needed to get back out into the element and the pavement… The positive is that I actually ran faster than I normally do, so maybe that’s why the run felt a little more difficult. I hope. That’s got to be it, though. Right? Gulp!

Then, this morning, I ran my “shakeout” run – 2 miles. For some reason, it still felt challenging. Maybe because it was drizzling, which I fully expect tomorrow as well. The rest of the day has been worrying about logistics and wondering if I’m even remotely ready for this run. Finally, got someone to give me important shuttle information… so I can plan out tomorrow morning.

Now, I’m totally annoyed that I have to go to the expo even though I had my packet mailed to me. The Hot Chocolate run doesn’t give shirts, they give zip-up sweatshirts… I ordered a women’s medium and it is huge. I am NO FAN of vanity sizing! I’ve been a medium for a long time, but you’d think I ordered an XXL or something. I’m hoping they’ll have a small for me to swap. If not, I’ll have wasted a trip, but will still be able to do it via mail, which seems annoying… and I have to wait 2 weeks. I am overly fond of instant gratification, so that 2 weeks sounds really bad to me.

So, here I am, putting my gear bag together and planning out my energy strategy and hoping that it doesn’t rain, but expecting it to rain. I’d forgotten that it can actually rain during the rainy season. El Nino has graciously reminded me. It’s all good, though. Apparently, not all of the plants in my back yard are dead. The rain is helping a few pull through, so I’ve got that going for me. Tomorrow, I’m taking my rain-proof running jacket just in case. I’ve got this. Back in October, I ran a half marathon, but my husband and son were nearby and I didn’t need to check gear. In November, I ran a 10k and they were nearby again, so I didn’t need to check gear. Spoiled! Now, they are planning to get into San Francisco later in the morning, closer to my finish time, and I have to check gear. Requires thinking and whatnot! Ah, well. It’s all good.

Good luck to everyone running in this event, and everyone just running a little bit this weekend! 🙂 Run happy!