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Break on through to the other side

On Sunday, I was supposed to run 8 miles as part of my half marathon training program. I managed around 7 1/2 – mainly because I was traveling (Labor Day weekend). But, not hitting my goal really gave me a sense of disappointment. I should have planned better, should have mapped out a route better… Blah blah blah.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I was able to get through my 4-mile and 6-mile runs pretty well. My quads were sore on Wednesday, but that’s nothing new… Then, Thursday hit… I had some pain at the beginning of my run and had to walk for a bit. I was worried it wouldn’t stop, but it did and I was able to get through my 4-mile run. But, wow! I was really feeling tired. More disappointment.

Last night, I put some Salonpas on my quad and went to bed as early as I could. Today is a non-running day, but I also decided to make it a non-workout day because I am tired and frustrated with my recent performance. So, while at first, it felt like defeat, I really think I did the right thing. If I don’t listen to what my body is telling me, I won’t be able to go further and do it healthy/without pain.

My stubborn side lost today and I’m glad. I am resting up so I can do my 4-mile on Saturday and my 9-mile run on Sunday. I’m going to break on through to the other side and get myself back in the groove. Deep breaths… Enjoying the break… Onward tomorrow.

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